Told Ryan Wingo

ran 10.92 seconds to win the 100 meters in his first HS meet today. Reminder, he’s a 9th grader. He ran a 22.4 to win the 200.

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Ninth grader breaks 22. This is special.


Wrap him up in a Razorback cover and bring him to Fayetteville.

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Depends on where his priorities will be in next few years. Obviously he is going to be coveted as a football player. Maybe has dreams of the NFL now.
This kid already has special god gifted natural speed. Professional training in track and you likely have a 1, 2, or 3 time Olympic multi event medalist, with mostly gold. College football probably negates that real quick.

I expect him to play football.

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For the Hogs like big brother?

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Way too soon because he’ll probably be a 50 plus offer guy but Arkansas will definitely get some strong consideration.

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Sadly, he will be a big loss to Track&Field. Hate to see kids with that type of speed go to Football. Maybe he will wise up,

Can’t say I know the salaries in T&F that well, but I assume life changing money is usually reserved for the elite performers. A good NFL WR can earn life changing money.

Correct. From Wingo perspective, no doubt football will be a safe bet for making money and not just a living. That is why I said it will be a loss to the sport of Track&Field, not to Wingo.

Maybe he’ll wise up?

You can do both. Marquise Goodwin won the long jump last month at an outdoor meet in Florida and he hadn’t jumped in five years.

Just imagine what he can do with year round training in long jump.

Could be the one to break Usain Bolts records.

I agree with Swine. Do both! His experience gained with T&F will only make him faster. T&F may want him even if they can’t have him the majority of the time. Get the two coaching staffs together and see what they can come up with. Don’t be short sighted if this works for all concerned, especially the young man.

I just hope we see him playing in a Razorback uniform.
Sports family and a legacy. May well be a track star or a football standout.

You can certainly play both sports at college level. Many have done that.

But after college, you have to focus on track if you want to reach world class level and contend for the US Olympic team, meaning you have to be in Top 3 in the country. And even there, not too many have succeeded in doing that after playing college football.

One of my biggest likes in sports is to watch USA pile up Olympic medals and dominate Medal Standings. That is why my reaction on behalf of the Olympic sports.

Certainly Wingo should do what is best for him. And it is probably football and part time track through college.

Nothing wrong with playing football at Arkansas and possibly stacking NC rings in track while he is here!

Auburn will have double dippers, as in Anthony Schwartz performing well internationally and new recruit Malcom Johnson Jr who had nation bests in sprints and ran international for the US

how our track guys would receive a footballer is not clear to me, we are absolutely elite in T&F and will continue on as evidenced by our continued success. Seems like it would be a natural pairing for a recruit to have opportunity with a rising football program and an elite T&F in the same place and time. Would there be training conflicts?