Told Odom

is staying.


Great news!

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So just Stepp is leaving? Not bad Coach Pittman.


Great news. We need the stability. If he gets another HC gig, I’m all behind him on it.

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All good news in this thread! Love it.

We have coaches other schools want, but they have decided they want to stay with the Razorbacks over TX and LSU!!!

That’s a great statement for the U of A and for Sam Pittman.


Hearing a bump in salary too.


We’ve got Chavis $1.5M to spend somewhere, lol.

Wonder is TX or LSU actually made an offer?

Awesome news!

Got to build the foundation at coaching to build the foundation on the field. I think Odom can be well taken care of here if he sticks it out. Plus leaving AR for TEXASS?? No way! Surprised LSU would be an option with contracts, but CSP seems to be the guy that would have no limitations to prove to his assistants they are free to go as they please if that’s what they want.

I doubt it. Usually the DC would have to say, make me an offer and I doubt Odom did that. He’s not that guy I don’t think.

The no-compete clauses for football assistants were done away with before Pittman arrived. Morris’ staff did not have them, either. It seems to me those were a Bret Bielema and/or Jeff Long preference.

We haven’t had non-competes for assistants since Bielema’s days.

Most every school who makes a high profile hire (HC, DC, OC) claims they only made one offer. That was to the guy they ultimately hired. Of course, we all know that in most cases, that is untrue.

It is probably just semantics, but I suspect that it is also true. Discussions are held, but unless the candidate shows serious interest, there is no real offer.


Kinda like high school dating. If I ask you out will you go? No. Then I’m not going to ask. Yes? Will you go out?

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But Clay in this day and age of dating and could still apply here as well. It may go like this.

Boy-If I ask you out will you go?
Girl-How much money do you have?
Boy-Not much now.
Boy-I have lots of money.
Girl-YESSS!!! Please provide bank statement 1st.

The boy that blames it on money is like the guy that blames making it to the NFL on his college school. IF you’re good enough, it don’t matter. If the girl doesn’t see it that way, she’s either too young, or too dumb. In either case, not worth it.


There is something to that. Or, what kind of car will you be in when picking me up?

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