Told Hunter

will meet with players only on Monday. You would expect he’ll tell them certain details of the search and a timeline.

The coaches will meet with HR two days later on Wednesday.

The UA has reached out to the big boosters and they’re confident they have salary needed to make a good hire.

Heard this as well. All I can say is it’s about time. Need to pay for a top quality coach that can get us to where we need to be.

Nice to have an AD doing his job this well Certainly handled more professionally than recent times.

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What would the “big boosters” qualify as a “good hire”?

That’s the 4-6 million dollar question

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If Jerry’s grandson is transferring out as some have reported, where does that fit in the equation?
Who might that eliminate?

Jason Garret, Kellen Moore :wink:

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They will be available, but more importantly will Jerry’s money for the U of A? Of course he is somewhat responsible for the current situation. Wasn’t he a Morris backer?

Honestly, I don’t know. I heard the same rumor he was pushing Morris, but I also heard he wasn’t. That’s something the insiders on here may know.

There’s a big difference between pushing, and giving it his ‘’blessing”, Jerry didn’t force Morris on JCP, Steinmetz, or the BOT. He did go along with it for sure.

I think Jerry and Stephen Jones both thought Morris would be a good hire. They didn’t force it, though. That is clear from what I was told at the time and hear now.

Thank you

Did “blessing” come with $$$? Will the Jones money still flow into the U of A? He’s going to have to spend big money for his own coach for the 'Boys.

Please. The Cowboys are a multibillion dollar business. What he’s going to have to pay Garrett’s replacement is chump change. So is what he’s going to have to pay Dak Prescott, although they won’t admit it to Dak’s agent.

Is any of that “chump change” going to be flowing into the U of A? That’s the real question.

The story I’m getting is that the money folks, presumably including JJ, are on board with paying what it would take to get a quality head coach.

If this is indeed true, can we not assume our next coach is in a conference championship game? I mean if they aren’t meeting with HR until next Wednesday you can kind of put two and two together. No sense in waiting that long if your coach’s season is over.

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Who have reported?

HR is meeting with the EXISTING coaches, not the new guy. Call it their exit interview, basically. Does not affect the hiring process at all.

Let’s assume that our next coach is the head coach at a bowl-bound Power 5 school which is not winning its division. I’ll throw out Dave Clawson as an example although I don’t think he’s on our radar (could be wrong but I doubt it). Wake Forest plays AT Syracuse Saturday morning Arkansas time (the AT is important because it would delay his availability to meet with us until he returns to North Carolina). He would not be available to meet with HY at least until Saturday evening, maybe Sunday. Negotiations may have already taken place with Clawson’s agent but HY needs to get a feel if he’s truly the guy we want.

Morris was hired Dec. 4, which is Wednesday this year. Bielema was hired Dec. 6, which is next Friday (and also the 50th anniversary of a little football game played in Fayetteville). Middle to end of next week is when I expect the hire to be announced.

Speaking of Clawson, I caught a little bit of the fourth quarter of the Wake-Duke football game, which was replayed on ACCN just before the Hog basketball game last night. They looked very well coached. No, the ACC Atlantic is not the SEC West, even though it includes Clemson (Wake is currently tied for second at 4-3 in league play), but I didn’t see anything last night that would make me hesitate to hire him if HY thinks he’s the one.

The end of the regular season season (Nov. 30) is later this year by a few days. This is one of those rare years where there are two open dates. Pushes everything deeper.