Told Hornsby is

back with the team.


Why did he pull out of the portal? I would think there would be interested teams.

Maybe the coaches persuaded him to come back. Hope so.

Bet your tight

I have also confirmed this with a team spokesman.


great news


Concur. wps

I thought Pittman said in you go in the portal you don’t get come back?

Does it really matter, look at the sh_t show that college football is right now. Take anything we can get, everybody else is!

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There is the general rule and then the exceptions to the general rule that prove the rule.



That is absolutely awesome news because the young man has just incredible potential!! He can throw the ball .Once he demonstrates that he will become a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare because he’s not the normal quarterback running the football,he has blinding speed and is a house call waiting to happen every time he breaks the line of scrimmage.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if Coach has privately mentioned to the team that being a “team” is more important than any previously stated “portal rules”. I’m guessing that Hornsby and St John were never cast away by coaches and teammates when they made their individual announcements, nor did the players themselves burn bridges as they entered the portal. Just conjecture on my part.

Pretty sure Hornsby received plenty of special attention during bowl prep, emphasizing his importance to this team. Coach also singled him out in the post game locker room.

Either way, navigating both ends of the portal is an evolving skill that coaches must learn to master.


Sam had his fingers crossed… :wink: :rofl:

Absolutely great news.


Can’t coach blazing speed, it has to be recruited.

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He broke a lot of Aggie hearts…

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We’d like the offensive lineman rejoin prior to the bowl game, if I remember it all correctly…I’m very happy to have him back and hope we can find a package or another way to get him on the field.

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Is it possible he tested the waters and wasn’t really happy with the options he was offered? I’ve said it in another post, this season is really the first with portal mania, sooner or later most players will figure their assessment of themselves may not match up with the college football world’s assessment of them. A reality check.

We know Hornsby wanted to go somewhere to play QB. With his still-developing passing skills, wouldn’t surprise me if his speed got him alot of “athlete” type offers (i.e. punt/kick returner, receiver, etc) but few to be an immediate starting QB. And he has that right where he is now, with the inside track to the starting QB job in a year or so.

Whatever it was, happy to have him back.


Reminds me of a situation going to Iowa big school championship in 1988. Just prior to our arrival at the UNI Dome our all state running back tells coach he had left his helmet in his locker. Policy was no equipment no play-learn to take responsibility for actions. Coach quickly stood up and announced “Boys it is time to learn in life there are exception to every rule. One of you non player be will recognized for your role In the championship game. Who is giving up their helmet?


So is he still the fastest player on the team with Sategna coming in. Speed at skill positions, gotta love it. Let’s see Sategna, Hornsby and Green on the track. Who’s the anchor leg on the relay.

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I must admit to having had the unkind thought that perhaps he left because he would no longer be the fastest on the team.