Todd Walker

Is the new Seth Davis. Nothing more to say. Disrespect Hog Nation at your own peril.

yeah he don’t have a clue! was still thinking Pallette was throwing for us as late as Wed this week,Guy looked like a Hobo on the screen and picked winners like one.


He also called Goodheart Gregory several times! He sure tried to jump on the Hog bandwagon after the game today! I don’t like him at all.

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I just chalked it up to someone playing devils advocate.

I agree. KP was on the Hog bandwagon, TW was there to counterbalance him.

You can’t let him off that easy. First, he said Vandy was the best team in the country, and today he says Tenn has the pitching advantage and will win. We are, by far, the best team in the country, and it’s time Walker acknowledged it. At least Seth Davis walked backed his ignorance on Muss.

I wanted to buy him a razor and a haircut.


And then punch him in the face……

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Exactly, why I said he looked like a Hobo

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