Todd Gurley taking responsibility for his play..

Man, I like this guy. I appreciate his candor and his acceptance of responsibility. He played sparingly after a couple of bad mistakes against the Saints. In reply to the question was he injured? He said, “no, I just played sorry”. How often do you hear this? Like, never…He said he was glad he would get a chance to redeem himself in the Super Bowl.

Gurley, one of the best backs in the NFL, had a great game against the Cowboys last week, but was a non-factor yesterday. The announcers kept discussing that he might be hurt, but he said his backup CJ Anderson played well and he played sorry.

It is pretty danged rare for an athlete to admit he didn’t play well and hope he got a chance to play better. Most of the guys in his place would have sat on the sidelines and pouted about not being able to play more. He accepted the fact he didn’t play well and praised his other running back teammate, CJ Anderson a journeyman running back, who had only been with the team a few weeks.

I suspect there is a little more to it than stated, but hope not actually.