Todd Butler no longer at Mizzou

I don’t know any details, but it came as a surprise to read that he isn’t there anymore. He had been there less than a year.

Wonder if he might be getting back into head coaching somewhere.


Volunteer coach was head coaches’ buddy. He was going to lose his job. Volunteer coaches main pay is camps. Camps not happening this summer. So head coach fired Todd. Elevated his buddy. Knew Todd had big buyout from Wichita and a severance from Missouri. Todd was blind sided.

Taylor Smart left several weeks ago at Arkansas. No pay. Had to find a job. So the volunteer coaches took a hit everywhere except Mizzou.

One interesting thing about Todd’s family, both daughters are students at University of Arkansas.

Hate that for Todd. I still don’t understand why so many NCAA schools opposed that rule to allow an additional paid assistant. I can sort of see why little schools might oppose it, but schools like Texas did.

Sounds like there might be an opportunity for him to return to the Hill temporarily if money is not an issue for him.

I would not think anyone is taking a volunteer job anytime soon. They can’t recruit. There is no one to coach. That would make no sense. Heck, they don’t even get insurance. He’s at least got that with a severance package. With a family of 4, no one is forfeiting insurance right now.

We haven’t had a decent sideline coach since…(I’d pick him up now)

No funds for a hire like Todd Butler. I think it’s probably a tough period to be out of work in baseball right now. No one is hiring any place as much as I can tell. Cost cutting is in vogue at most places right now. That’s what happened at Missouri.

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