Today's workout with the new strength staff

I’m told numerous guys puked. An above average number.

Told it was an extremely hard workout.


And we had recruits watching?

They aren’t here yet.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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There’s a real good indication of just how soft our hogs were trained to compete! You can’t win in the 1 st quarter and forget about winning in the first quarter if you fail to train!

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They always puke the first day back, lol, they’re still college students.

it was described to me as “they used to do almost yoga-type work, now its back to straight-up lift until you puke”.

Jimmy (just like Nolan and even coach Muss) knows why we need to be conditioned properly:

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Love it! Time to put some meat on those bones!!

This is awesome to hear…tells me they are WORKING their tails off already!! Grinding!!!

Keep it going. Jimmy is right. You better be in condition. It is ok to puke now. it is not ok in Sep-Nov

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Franks was. Not sure about anyone else.

Walker looks like he can still play!! wow! loving this…gotta eat steel for every meal we used to say!!

well, no one likes puking, but it’s not uncommon for kids just coming back from a break.

This sounds like our new strength coach is trying to toughen our team.

But it also sounds like our players are REALLY working hard. They have to be VERY sick of the losing, and it appears they are willing to do the work to get tougher and better.


Back in the day (60’s) our coaches didn’t think we had run enough wind sprint until several were puking. And we did the monkey drill in the gym in the off season with the same results. My football and basketball coach both ran us a lot. But we were in good shape.

I loved JJ take on being in shape. He is exactly right.

When I played football in jr, high in bama, there were several occasions during practice where a few of us spit up gagged maybe puked a little. Not that big of a deal guys. Several factors to consider like what they been eating/drinking recently…even drinking too much water at the wrong time can cause an upchuck of sorts. Jamil is in this business and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

p.s. ohhh now NOT listening to Justin Bieber during practice may have to stop too. That could cause some major withdraw symptoms as well. DEAL WITH IT.

After watching SEC special program all day and listening to Bear Bryant’s former Players talk about practices back in the 60’s and 70’s, makes anything discussed in this day and age sound like a cakewalk. Like practicing early Sunday morning when you beat a team by only “24 points”.

winners do what winners do

Multiple kids are saying the workout was the most difficult they’ve ever experienced. I don’t think this was a case of kids coming back from break and being out of shape. One person said it was an SEC type workout.