Today's win pretty much makes it a successful season

In my opinion anyway.

The team turned out much better than I feared. I did not have high hopes for this team. SO GLAD to be proven wrong.

This isn’t a great team, but considering what we have coming in the next few years it sure looks like we may have turned the corner. Please please please let that be the case!!

I agree! It may be Mike’s style of basketball is complex and has taken a while for our outstanding Jr College player to pick it up. In any event, it seems we are peaking at the right time.

I also agree. And it wasn’t just you who didn’t expect us to make the tournament. Prior to the season I looked at a lot of previews and there were more national media writers who projected us to miss the tournament than those who thought we would make it. I can recall at least one site that predicted us to miss the NIT as well.

I too hope that we can build on this and start building back up our program’s national reputation by putting together a streak of tournament appearances.

Yes it is a sucess but getting at least one win in the Dance would help the players coming back next year.
The talent level is increasing on the team.
The hogs should be ranked in the top 25 by mid season next year.
There is a trend that has changed. In the past we could build a lead and melt late game by turning the ball over and missing free throws that’s not the case anymore.
Some of the players responsible for this turn around are coming back next year!
The incoming class will be called upon to play and be productive.

It is not official yet, but they have accomplished the one thing I expected them to do. Dance!