Today's weather

The weather today does not look real good to play baseball. It has been storming all morning and it is supposed to last into the night. Unfortunately, I think we might be in a situation where the teams can only play one of two scheduled games, or another doubleheader is scheduled for tomorrow.

I can understand that but Tomorrow is supposed to be just as bad isn’t it? says 100% on weather channel.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow morning. The forecast looks better tomorrow afternoon, plus it’s supposed to be warmer in the mid 60s.

Ok…I gotcha.

When will we know for certain?

Looks like the rain chances have decreased somewhat for this evening.

I was getting a tire replaced yesterday afternoon. I double checked the forecast and the rain chances had fallen to 20%. As I headed to the ballpark, it started raining.

It quit in time for infield practice and only misted after that.

how does it look for today?

Looks like they need to make it a night game if possible.

Should be all clear by about 4:30 at the latest. Maybe sooner.


The rain should push out of the area by around the scheduled game time. It might get delayed a little, but if it does I don’t expect it will be by much. Later this afternoon is supposed to be really nice. And really windy.

If there’s a better .gif on twitter, I haven’t seen it yet.

They’ve gotten a lot of play out of that the past couple of years. That was the most bizarre game I have ever covered.

By the way, I just looked at radar and the back end of the rain has pushed through Tulsa. Unless more rain forms, that 3 o’clock start time looks pretty safe to me.