Today's visitors

Here are some I was able to confirm that made it to Fayetteville. The forecast and storms kept a lot of kids away.

Ath. Sean Michael Flanagan- Charleston
QB Connor Noland- Greenwood
2019 S Brian Williams- Dallas Bishop Dunne
LB Deshaun White — Richland, Texas
QB-Ath Gerry Bohanon — Earle
DL Emmit Gooden — Independence Community College
2019 DE Collin Clay — Oklahoma City Putnam
OT Darrell Simpson — Justin (Texas) Northwest
DE-LB Ryan Schommer- Norfolk, Neb.
P Reid Bauer- Magnolia, Texas

On Bohanon, are we putting the full court press on him? Do we have any ins, like parents are Hog fans, or high school coach likes Hogs? Thanks for reply.

They seem to be making some inroads. Letting him know he could play QB has helped. Doesn’t hurt that Connor Noland is trying to get him on board too.

Glad to hear that!

I think he may be (besides Noland) the most valuable instate prospect this year, also athletically in many years. Could be a big time player at multiple positions.