Today's social isolation Game watch...Y2k Cotton Bowl - Texas vs. Arkansas

Like most of you, I’m getting pretty bored staying “inside these 4 walls” all the time. Yes - I’m blessed to still have my health, and I do know that. Still…it’s just an eerie and sudden change in day-to-day life for all of us.

Also like many of you, I’ve complemented my Netflix/Amazon prime streaming (thank goodness for those technologies!) with some video from old games - either off my DVR, games I’ve recorded on VHS or YouTube. Today, I watched the full game replay of the 2000 Cotton Bowl game vs. Texas.

Although I remember the game well - I was there, as many of you were - I hadn’t actually watched the complete game replay in a long, long time. Probably shortly after the game was played. So, while I did remember some of the big plays, I would not have remembered others (until I saw them in the replay). I found it a thoroughly entertaining and (for an Arkansas fan) satisfying way to spend 2 and a half hours (commercials are not included in the version I found on YouTube).

There’s no need for me to “recap” the game - almost all of you remember at least some portions of it. But there were 2 or 3 things I noticed.

The game was actually closer than I remembered during the first half, given our overall domination. Part of that is because we had 2 turnovers, and they had none (in that half). But part of it (IMO) was because we were a bit too conservative in our offensive play-calling. We needed to throw the ball downfield a few more times. The last drive of the first half was a glaring example of that.

Bobby Allen did a masterful job of Defensive play-calling that day. If you will remember, D Coordinator Keith Burns had taken the Tulsa HC job during Bowl preparation and was not with us for the Cotton Bowl. We essentially shut Texas down almost all game, establishing some team rushing records that the Longhorns are still saddled with to this day, I believe.

Speaking of defense, the contrast between our D in 2000 and what we’ve seen the last few years was stunning. I guess I knew that intellectually before watching the replay - but it just jumped out at me early in the game. We appeared to be much quicker at virtually every position, and our DB’s demonstrated good coverage (for the most part). And they would hit you.

The North EZ goal line was not Texas’ friend. I’ll just leave it at that.

Probably the best part of all - after seeing all of the UT-Ark games over a 60 year period - was that this time, it was Texas that wore down and was dominated in the second half.

I’m sure many of you have better things to do with your time. But if you find yourself bored and looking for something to watch, I do recommend this. I streamed it from my phone to the big screen TV and got some popcorn. We’re all spoiled by HD, so video quality is only “OK”. but after you watch it for awhile, you adapt to it. That’s what we all watched 100% of the time not so long ago, after all.

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Great memories, think I’ll add it to my list of upcoming viewing. This front page is framed on the ceiling of my shop/office/bar… WPS!

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Thanks Wiz…on my must see list. YouTube is a great resource for looking back. We changed over to an Amazon fire stick on our televisions and can watch YouTube easily in our living room.

I was there, too. One thing I remember was how the Texas side of the stadium was almost empty with still significant time left in the 4th quarter. Arkansas fans stayed until well after the game ended. A man & his young son were sitting behind me. The boy asked his dad, “why are we still here, Dad?” I’ll never forget his response, “Savoring the moment, son, savoring the moment.” It was indeed one to savor.

I also remember a quote from a reporter after the game. Each team was to go to some spot following the game for interviews. When talking about where Texas should go, he said, “I hope they didn’t try to run.”

I just loved that game.

P.S. I spoke O.H. in a Cracker Barrel rest room the next day on the way back home. He told me he didn’t remember an Arkansas team ever dominating Texas like that.

The Hogs were too physical for The Horns just as was the case a few years later in the matchup in Austin. Fun times.

I’ll never understand how we didn’t get safeties on us, at least the second one. I can only assume the refs were not from Texas. This was a well called game.

Remember that day and game so very well. What a great feeling. I also remember them showing plays from the '69 game before the game. I think Wilson called it a Texas Prep Rally. Glad they had it before. Sure was not one in the 4th qtr.

One (of many) pleasant memories from that game.

I have had “season tickets” to the Cotton Bowl for several decades now, so my seats are neither in the “home” nor “visitor” section. As a result, there is normally a pretty even mix of fans around them, as those seats are also sold to “season” ticket holders who mostly re-sell them unless it’s their team playing in the game.

At that game, there was a particularly mouthy (is there any other kind?) Horn fan sitting in the row behind me, just a seat or two over. During the first half, which was pretty even (due to us turning the ball over twice, while Texas did not turn it over), he was front and center with the comments - frequently standing up and making comments meant to aggravate Arkansas fans. However, for the most part, he stayed between the lines. In generally, I do not have a problem for a fan rooting strongly for his team…unless he’s constantly insulting the other team (usually, Arkansas) and/or constantly bitching about things he’s obviously ignorant about.

As the third quarter was in process, he became less and less noticeable as we started to exert dominance over Texas. I really didn’t notice him for quite a while, until the time Michael Jenkins popped about a 45 yard run for a TD early in the 4th quarter. The guy stood up and was yelling at the stream of his fellow Horn fans heading for the exits. “Where are all of you going> We’re still in this! C’Mon…don’t give up on them. This is Arkansas we’re playing and we never lose to them”. Stuff like that. i didn’t say anything, but chuckled to myself with GREAT satisfaction.

About 10 minutes (wall time) later, we got the ball back and Cobbs putan exclamation mark on it with another TD run of about 35 yards. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to turn around and ask him if he still believed that “Texas doesn’t lose to ‘those guys’”…but he was gone!


I had a mouthy Texassan in a cowboy hat about four rows in front of me in the north end zone. Similar, badmouthing Arkansas, Fallopian arrogance, you know the drill. As the fourth quarter unfolded, he recognized his was a last cause and beat a hasty retreat. And as he ascended the stands he got all the verbal payback he’d been asking for for the past three hours.

Your story reminds me of another encounter with arrogant Longhorn fans. In 1990 the basketball team was sent to the Erwin Center for the first weekend of the Dance and survived two close games with Princeton and Dayton. My family was there for both (my son was still four months from being born but my wife swore he was kicking in time with the North Carolina pep band as the Heels knocked off Mobilehoma). During the Dayton game there were a couple of UT fans sitting behind us who felt absolutely zero SWC loyalty. Listened to their garbage for two hours as Dayton took us to the wire. Finally Todd Day put back his own miss with :03 left for the game winner. Those two Whorns practically left a dust trail as they scurried for the exit.

Speaking of the Erwin Center, I drove down from Dallas on the spur of the moment to attend the Syracuse game in 1995. This was the famous game where the 'Cuse had us on the ropes late in OT, but then called a timeout they didn’t have and the Technical foul bailed us out - barely.

Anyway, I drove down there and just purchased a ticket outside the arena (don’t remember for how much, but wasn’t expensive). My seat was about level with one of the FT lines, maybe 25-30 rows up. Decent seat.

As it turned out, sitting about 3 rows directly in front of me was a curmudgeonly Horn fan - probably about 60 at the time (doesn’t seem quite as old anymore!). It was the same kind of thing as you describe - he wasn’t there to see the game; he was there to rant and HOPE that we lost the game (he wasn’t alone…I doubt we got any worse of a reception when we hit the court than if we’d have been there to play against Texas!).

But this dude was something else. EVERY basket Arkansas made, we cheated (traveled, should have been an offensive foul, etc.), and every defensive play was a foul on us - according to this dude. He was on us from the time we came out to warm up. He was wearing overalls of some kind…he looked kind of like a rodeo clown without the makeup.

But what I remember most was, when we FINALLY pulled away at the very end and won, a few Arkansas fans started giving him the business (which he richly deserved). His response was to bend over (head about knee level), cock both hands in the “hook 'em horns” sign, and motion with both of them toward his rectum. A grown-ass man doing that!

I can see it clearly just thinking about it. Some images just stay with you.

I was at the Syracuse game. I went to the Texas Southern game on Thursday alone, then bought three tickets outside the arena for Saturday to take my family.

We should have won after the sixth timeout, but Scotty Thurman missed one of the two free throws. Then we scored on every possession of overtime and still almost lost; SU missed a buzzerbeater that would have won it.

I remember Jim Boeheim being stunned that the crowd was so heavily in favor of his team. They wouldn’t have had that much support at the Carrier Dome.

Nope. Timeout was called with just under 5 seconds remaining in REGULATION … on a stolen inbounds pass with the Hogs trailing by a point. Thurman missed the first free throw, but made the second to tie. Dillard’s 3 at the buzzer rimmed out, sending us to OT.

I had all the elements, (OT game, technical for time out they didn’t have with seconds to go, we escape with a win we probably were lucky to get, etc). Now that I stop and think about it, some of the finer points do come back; but my comment really wasn’t about the game; it was about the reception Texas fans (Austin) gave us, and one guy in particular. I only referenced the opponent/game to give context to the time frame this happened.

But yes, you (and SF before you) are correct in the specific order of events.

Yeah, sorry about piling on; am guilty of “replying to an email without reading the entire thread.”

No worries…my facts were “essentially correct” but technically not quite right. Your correction was on point.

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