Today's scrimmage

Heard Cole Kelley looked pretty good today while Ty supposedly struggled. Heard Pool got reps with the 1s.

The offense had a good day running the ball.

Sounds great, hopefully CK can build on this, i do believe he is the best option.

Storey threw two interceptions today. Kelley worked with the 1s first because Storey worked with the 1s first last week. Both are getting about 50 percent of the snaps with the first unit, Joe Craddock said.

The running backs ended up having a strong finish, but it came after Jeff Traylor got onto them early in the scrimmage. Chad Morris indicated that he thinks he probably gave the backs too much praise too early.

The coaches said the pass protection was not good today. Craddock said the problems are not all on the line, but also on the receivers down the field and backs in protection. John Chavis said the defense did not pressure as much as normal today. He also said he was not satisfied with how the defense tackled.

Two of the interceptions today were made by safeties, Santos Ramirez and Joe Foucha. Jordan Jones, Jarrod Barnes and Jonathan Nance made touchdown catches.

Glad to hear you made it in and out ok wearing your new construction worker disguise without getting caught today Richard!

Told the first team D just gave up one scoring drive. The receivers weren’t able to get much separation from the first team DBs.

All the RBs looked good but Maleek Williams really stood out.

Heard there were a few drops by DBs that should’ve been ints or Ty would’ve had more than two picks.

Two sources believe Cole will be the starter.

I was able to fill out an app and get hired in time for the scrimmage. It’s great getting extra money while being able to watch the scrimmage.

I have thought CK would be the starter just B/c of his expereince. I am not real sure we are going to have anybody show much seperation(against the better defenses) maybe the new offense will help but just not sure we have the burners like others do…

I thought that looked like you sitting in one of the chairs in my suite, they wouldn’t let us up there, had to stand on the sidelines…

Just piecing together on my own from the PCs but it seems that Whaley, Hayden, Greenlaw, and Scoota didn’t participate much today.

Forgot to mention John Stephen and Connor had good days. Both moved the chains.