Today's news

Interesting subtle messages in todays news. Wally calls out pirates, playboys, and politicians. Obviously Leach, Kiffin and someone else - maybe Gus? He names Kiffin specifically. According to him, those are guys we do not need. The gospel according to Wally Hall. He also makes a subtle vote to pursue Mike Gundy.

In another article, the AD is quoted saying that we will have a coach mid week. Coincidently, Venables will be in LR on Monday for the Broyles award that will be presented onTuesday.

So, what do you think? Is Venables our man? Or, is Norvell quietly taking care of his business? Is Gundy even a play?

It’s not often that Wally has anything of significance to add to a conversation. And when he does, I rarely agree.

But I found his column this morning to be a good one.

I do believe all this Kiffin-talk is disinformation designed to make everyone lose focus on who they are really pursuing.

If the UA would not hire Jimmy Johnson back in the day, there is absolutely no way Kiffin will get hired – way too much negative fallout. They need a better misdirection candidate for people to bite.