Today's Game

I am really looking forward to todays game. I understand it will probably be a slug fest and a difficult game. I am interested to see if this team is really ready to continue to be Feb. Hogs or was Tue just one of those games than happens? I want to get excited about this team, but am keeping the brakes on just a little.

I really do like the players as people. They seem to be good young men. Makes it easier to pull for them. I guess I got to feeling a little closer to them in HI. That happens in a setting like that, and the effort Tue was more like what I saw in HI.


Same here. I am trying to not get too excited over one game but shooting so well against a good not great Kentucky team in that environment is a huge step up if we can maintain that momentum. We should shoot good at home with our crowd firing us up so I am expecting this streak to continue. The proof in the pudding will be at Tenn and Bama. Even if we don’t win, a Baylor like strong game contending until the end with the current team would satisfy me. If Smith can give us 15+ minutes of good ball handling, good outside shooting, and good driving for dishes, fouls, and baskets at the rim, we might just take off like a rocket in the latter half of the season.

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Don’t discount A&M. They concern me more than Tennessee does.


Agree, Aggies would be my pick to win if they played TN on a true neutral site. I’m hoping we don’t slip up in tonight’s game, that outcome would completely eliminate what they gained in Lexington.

I have a good feeling about tonite.

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So, do I, sorta. Both teams have been playing better of late. MSU’s recent win at USCe was impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing how Nick fares, as well as the team - with Nick on the court. I’m expecting a tough game, but a W.

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Guess MSU answered that question for me. Not ready for Prime time.

Home court, crowd, laid an egg. Taking a step backwards at a bad time. They will have a chance to recover, but not many, and the hill gets steeper. That hole they dug just got a bunch deeper.

Y’all kill me. We got a major piece back, but he’s still a little rusty.
One step back, but possibly a huge step forward.
Don’t give up on this team!

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Not giving up, just know the wins become much more important and the competition is ratcheting up. Our remaining road games are formidable.

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