Today's game

No matter what the result of today’s game is I’m proud of the hogs and this has been a great year! They have played their tails off and provided so many great memories.
As fans we need to realize It’s nice to win on the field and it’s just as important to take a loss with humility and show class.

Until someone reminded me of it a few days ago, I’d forgotten that Texas refused to go out for the presentation of the runner up trophy a few years ago. It was a total lack of class. It’s an awfully hard thing for the losing team to do, I know, but sometimes you just have to swallow pride & do what’s right. It’s like the losing candidate in a political race calling the winner. It’s just something you do.

I have no doubt our kids will handle losing respectably. I just hope they don’t have to. I want OSU to be the team that loses with dignity so I can congratulate them on showing class in the face of losing.

After a night of bad sleep, and then a good nap. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic now. I have a peaceful feeling about tonight. I know or players are going to show up in a big way, and so will I, even after in the moment I said I couldn’t handle it. What kind of fan would I be. Proud of them no matter what!

I too had a night of bad sleep, but still not optimistic. I hope the team puts last night behind them better than I have. But, like you, I’m proud of them regardless of the outcome.

Hear, hear!

Like DVH said, “It’s just a baseball game.” Great year and one I will always remember.

I haven’t slept well since having surgery Monday but the game last night gave me another reason too rewind and watch all the plays in the game and appreciate just how hard they played! It’s a game of inches and last night we were close and when the ball was in the air down the right field line I thought for a moment it would be over. Now I know it will be over tonight.

That situation with Texas is the reason I have no respect for former coach Artie G. Texas saying we are better than 2nd!

I dreamed about that foul ball all night. Ugh!