Today's game probably will be rained out

I really don’t see any way they can play today there’s just no windows for tonight.

Tomorrow looks better then probably a double header on Saturday

Maybe the rain slows down right before game time. I sure would prefer our pitchers to be able to go today, versus doubling up tomorrow or Saturday.

I don’t know it’s a 60 or 70% all night

Would they consider moving the game up to 2 pm? It looks like it may slow up for a few hours this afternoon.

Yeah only 20 to 40% from 2:00 to 5:00 that would be about our only shot it looks like to me

I’m hoping for a miracle to where the game gets played and the hogs can avoid sitting down in Oxford idle for a day.

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I live 4 hours south of Oxford and even our percentage from 6:00 the rest of the night is 60% so we’re going to get the rain too looks like.

Weather.Gov has 40% chance tonight but I always use the weather channel and it has 60%. So hopefully is correct and we can get it in but I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath.

Memphis forecast is bad. Oxford is so close to Memphis that a forecast for one is pretty much a forecast for the other.

The tarp on the Ole Miss field has been removed.

That’s like saying Little Rock and Monticello have the same forecast. It’s rained 2”+ in Monticello today and LR? 90 miles is a big difference in weather patters at times, it looks like the start is fine, after 7:30???

I think there will be rain but its not expected to be a hard rain so maybe we can get in but the radar looks bad so we will see.

Oxford, MS Weather Forecast and Conditions - The Weather Channel |

If the game has started and get rained out how many innings have to be complete for it to be an official game?

You have to complete 5 innings.

What concerns me is there are heavy chances of rain around 730- 8:00 and what we can’t afford to do is have Hollan only pitch about two or three innings and then the game get rained out… I do think we will get the game started though

Not really. If you’re driving from downtown down I-55, yeah, it’s a about 85 miles. But from the airport, where the weather station is, to Oxford on a straight line is only about 60 miles. (The weather doesn’t head south on I-55 and turn east at Batesville.) It’s almost directly south. Other than local thunderstorms, it is rare for Memphis to get rain when Oxford doesn’t. Fronts might get to Memphis a bit before they reach Oxford, but fronts in Memphis will be in Oxford with VERY few exceptions.

(BTW, I also know a tornado warning for Memphis isn’t one for Oxford. But we’re talking about storm causing fronts. The two are close enough that I knew a quick look at Memphis would give me a very good idea about Oxford)

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Actually the Memphis forecast office is on Walnut Grove Rd.

okay. It’s been moved sometime in the last 50 years. It’s now further east. Almost directly north of Oxford by less than 60 miles. Not sure that changes anything, but kudos to you for looking it up.

I have relatives who live right up there by Oxford and you are right. Memphis and Oxford basically get the same weather due to their proximity to each other… the only real difference is the severity depending on where the front comes in. Hopefully we will get both games in today… looks like we have a pretty decent chance to… no higher than 20% chance the rest of the day.

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Yeah. I never thought it’d be a controversial statement. I grew up about 50 miles from Memphis & it was rare for our weather forecasts to be any different from theirs.

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Has there ever been a triple header?

Cannot happen by rule