Today's game at noon

I see no mention of possible broadcast in Paul Boyd’s article today. Will it be carried on SECN+ like Wednesday’s game? The men’s Tarleton St. game came through perfectly…the women’s game had numerous stoppages and I missed more than half of the 3rd quarter. I wonder if that problem will ever be fixed in my remaining lifetime.

Streaming problems are generally due to your internet provider, not ESPN+. If you pay for extra capacity it may help. Also, you may not be getting all you paid for. There are a number of “Internet speed tests” that allow you to see what you’re actually getting. I just ran one on my work Wifi and got 15.6 Mbps download and 14.3 upload. Don’t know what my company is paying to get, but I don’t think I’d get a very good stream if I tried to watch a game at work. I understand you need at least 25 Mbps to stream 4K video.

Thanks. Although I live in a nice gated community, it is in the boondocks near XNA. Century Link is my only Internet option and they are not good. Dish is my TV provider and most seem to think it is better than Direct TV. Do you know if today’s women’s game at noon is on ESPN+?

Just found it. Looks like it will be on ESPN+. NOW, I will cross my fingers that is doesn’t broadcast in spurts like Wednesday’s game.

I guess it is more accurate to say I receive it in spurts…apparently there is nothing wrong with the broadcast itself.

Yup. Hotel WiFi pretty much kept me from watching the Mercer game the other night. But then I got the women’s game on my phone just fine in my hotel room Wednesday night. So who knows?

I don’t think my boss would appreciate me watching the game at work today though, so I’ll just check the live stats occasionally.

Check out Starlink. Not sure if it’s available where you are yet, but if you don’t have a viable choice, check it out. I got it for our remote cabin in Colorado. It is a true game changer.

Just checked the ESPN App…

The game will be streamed via SECN+, not ESPN+.

If you ever need to test your IP link try this place… I’ve found its great when I turn on my VPN, if I get a slow connection, I disconnect and try another until I find a really fast connection.

I speed tested 206 Mbps with my Ozarks Go fiber optic internet here in east Fayetteville. I highly recommend getting it if it’s available in your area.

I sneaked a few peeks at my phone between patients. We were already way ahead.

Thanks. I saw that too…I just got careless with my post.

Thanks. It did not seem to recognize my address.

That’s understandable. It’s also helpful to go to Google Maps, drop a pin at your location, then copy/paste that address to the Starlink site. The service is still being rolled out and with the chip shortage there have been some production delays on terminals. The company does have about 1800 satellites in orbit right now with a goal of 10-12,000.

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