Today's article about the 'bugaboos' adding

up to our inability to score in the second halves of the past 3 games - IMO, all of these issues go away with better QB play…

It’s a team game. Yes Austin should have played better, but the line should have blocked, and the receivers should have gotten open, and the backs should have broken tackles. Everybody on offense needs to step it up.

It is a myriad of problems that caused the failures. Playcalling was suspect, AA started pressing because the WR’s are not getting separation and the Oline lapses.

All of those things are true and are part of the problem. To me, the biggest issue is the failure of the Oline to block or get a push. TCU sure did not have a problem getting a push. I think on their first two TDs, the guy just sort walked in untouched because his Oline mauled what we call a defense. That is what an Oline should do. Three plays to make 3 yds. that is only 1 yd. per play. Come on.

it seems to me that the lack of a goal line push has been defining of razorback teams in recent years

Thank you. Not saying AA is not any good. He just needs to perform before he seeks a mike.

Simple put the pigskin in the end zone.
It takes a team effort. No one player can do it alone.

We could mash people when we had kirkland and tretola, but this line is not capable of that.

Then the question becomes why were they not replaced? It is not like we did not know they were going to be gone in3-4 yrs. I heard all about Oline U and putting guys in the NFL. What happened to that?

Not to blame one individual, because all of these things mentioned have been issues that need correction, but if Drew Morgan doesn’t fumble in the second half at the 1 against Virginia Tech, we may not even be talking about a three-game skid against Power-5 teams. That one score may have turned momentum in such a way that VaTech may not have come back. I know they won by two scores, but much of those were the result of us having the ball deep in our territory. The score would have made the Hokies with a longer field to maneuver.

My point: That play is the epitome of how close we have been to having a better record and CBB not feeling a warming seat. You have to score when you have the opportunity. So close, and yet so far away.