Today plus A&M has broke me

I don’t think I can continue to invest time and money into something that is so frustrating. There is a lot more I want to say but I won’t, This has been a disappointing season.


Well, you could have a wife and two of your three kids that went to LSU. Unless the tigers suffer from a terrible Bama hangover they will simply gutter stomp us. I’ve already made my tee time for next Saturday morning. Watching this crap is just getting old.


What baffles me is that the people in Arkansas keep spending their hard earned money on this crap. I’m guilty myself. Time and money. Yeah, Pittman has breathed some life into this thing. But it’s still very marginal. False hope is sold. And now here we are. Laughingstock yet again.


You kinda nailed how I feel. If we had won today and lost one of two to LSU or Ole Miss then beat Missouri, I would have lived with it. I am afraid Pitt has peaked and this is only going to get worse from here.

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I was very disappointed when Pittman was hired, but he has exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin. I appreciate that he’s made us respectable again and made the Fall much more enjoyable than it was for most of the last decade.

That said, I think he has a ceiling and if he’s not hit it yet, he’s close.

I think he’ll retire in the next couple of years and become a fabulous Razorback Foundation ambassador.

I hope that’s how it plays out.


I’m done giving to FB! (only goes to the same till anyway)

On to BB

I will say liberty was the ranked team, not us. Stil too many mistakes by the players today that cost us this one.

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This is really hard. Coach clearly brought stability to a low point in program.

We play in the most difficult and talented football conference at the collegiate level in modern history.

Trying not to be last in that league.

In what world is a home loss to Liberty in year 3 of a coaching tenure for a program attempting SEC success a positive indicator of program future?

I hate to say this but can’t help but wonder if we don’t have to consider program management options going forward if expectations are competing at high levels in this conference.

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After a loss, I probably should be careful with my words. I’ll put it this way. When I talk about this game, I talk about Briles, Odom and Freeze. Why don’t I talk about Pittman? I don’t know. Don’t know if should. I just know I don’t. The HC should be the difference maker. Freeze was tonight. I don’t know when Pittman has been other than off the field. He may be the best off field head coach we have ever had, which is why he may be the best ambassador we ever have.

All that said. Their QB was much, much better than ours tonight.


My philosophy has always been to talk about the head coach - good or bad.

He’s the one making $4mm and is responsible for hiring the OC and DC.

Buck stops with him.


Their 3rd string QB was much much better than our once considered enroute to the Heisman QB KJ. How does KJ account for his fog tonight?

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I totally agree. But some how he’s managed (Or the rest of us has made it) about Briles and Odom. Why am I having trouble blaming Pittman? I guess at the end of the day this team was not mentally ready. Hell I don’t think the coaches were either. Yes, that on CSP. But my gosh, can’t anyone do something right without the HC having to breath down his neck.

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That’s a great question. Hornsby may get criticized for accuracy, but KJ needs his eyes checked. My gosh players running all over the field wide open. How do you miss that. My wife said, “honey that’s easy for us to see”. Ha, I mean yea, but shouldn’t he see crap I don’t?

Liberty had playmakers and enough to beat SEC Arkansas at home.

The answer whether we need brilliant coaching or players is what?

What is the AD plan?

You don’t turn down Auburn unless you have a plan, so I’m sure HY has a plan. I think if CSP continues to support his coordinators then the finger will begin to point to him. He’s made coaching changes and players changes, so I think he is trying to do the right thing. But we were good enough on the talent line to win this game. So even though these players played like crap, I firmly believe this game was on the coaches. CSP is going to have to figure out how he wants to move forward or HY will do it for him.


I see no reason to think he’s hit or is near his ceiling. He might be, but he took a moribund program and made it respectable again.

This loss hurts, but unless it really kills recruiting—a possibility I admit—we can still get better next year. If Pittman can’t do it it, it might be just that our program can never be very good. I don’t believe that, but unless we have 2 or 3 7-5 type years ahead, I think we have a good coach.


Here’s the bottom line. If you want to win 10 games you need a QB that can get you there. We don’t have a qb right now that can get us there. We don’t have a backup that can get us there. We need QB’s, and we need to develop them. KJ may look 1000 better if not hurt. I don’t know. But I watched him today and that aint winning 10 games ever.


I respect your opinion and agree he’s done a good job. Better than I expected.

But my gut is that he’s the FB equivalent of Mike Anderson.

I want to find our FB Musselman

PS To be clear, not calling for Sam Pittman to get fired. I think those doing so are ridiculous. But if he decided to retire after this season or next I think we could upgrade. Trust HY to make a great hire.


Why, why, why can we not get out of this rut of coming out totally flat to start games? This has been a maddening hallmark of Arkansas teams literally for years. Other teams are ready to play. We never seem to be. Just fielding a kickoff and getting through a first possession without a penalty, turnover or other major gaffe and actually scoring seems downright impossible.

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Chip, I hate to say it, but 7-5 is probably a good year for us going forward. Maybe sneak in a few 9-3’s or 8-4’s, but anything better would be extraordinary playing in the SEC West. At some point, we have to be realistic about what our ceiling truly is.

Sam has pulled us above mediocrity, and I applaud him for that, but the bar his predecessor set was extremely low. That said, today was a major disappointment.

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