Today on the podcast

A couple of statements made by Kyle Peterson and Ron Higgins stuck out to me today on the podcast. It’s interesting in light of what is happening in this game.

When I asked Peterson if he thought Arkansas was a better team than LSU, he replied pretty emphatically, “Oh, yeah.”

When I asked Ron Higgins what LSU fans expected from this series, he said something along the lines of, “If LSU can win a game in this series, it will be a successful one for LSU.” … lsu-series

The hogs should have won the last 2 series against LSU. It has been tough to swallow the ways we’ve lost some of those games! So it is really sweet to hear they would be happy with 1 win in the series.

Pitching woes aside, LSU still has a very good offense; especially against righties. However, after our big third inning it appeared their heart gave out tonight.

This was still a solid win for our Hogs.