Today is a fine example of why I hate

The SEC tournament. All of the stars aligned with Auburn and KY getting ousted for the Hogs to win the tournament. I don’t even watch it anymore because I just assume the Hogs will have an off game and get eliminated. It is just mind blowing to me how poorly we play in the SEC tournament no matter who is coaching. I am just venting at our lack of success every time this tournament rolls around. I will never understand why the Hogs can’t win this tournament once every 3-5 years. I know most say they don’t care about the SEC tournament but I think that is just fan speak. We care which is why I generally hate the outcome once we are sent home with a loss. This post is not aimed at the players and coaches of this years team. I am generally dismayed at our lack of success year after year at the SEC tournament.

You think the stars were aligned? I think we checked out at just about the right time…with this year’s team. Tennessee might be the best team in the country right now. Had we played them tomorrow, we might be headed to The Dance with a few guys on crutches.

I’ll agree with you! A day of rest tomorrow will help! Our hogs got out played and beat! Flush it and move on.


You are probably right about that. However, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if both the Hogs and KY go further in the NCAA than TN. The Vols are going to be in a war tomorrow in that game with A&M. Could leave TN ripe for an early upset in the real Tournament especially if they have an injury tomorrow.

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Like I said in another thread, I’ll be flabbergasted if Tenn doesn’t run roughshod over A&M tomorrow.

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True, but Tennessee has not one, but 2 of the best point guards in the country, and you know how much guard play matters in The Dance. I’m glad we’re not playing them a 3rd time.
One last thing, it will be criminal if A$M doesn’t make The Dance…regardless of tomorrow’s outcome.

Get rid of conference tournaments altogether. They’re just pointless money grabs. Toss this NET nonsense in the trash dumpster where it belongs. Play a 30-game regular season schedule. You don’t break even (.500) in your conference at a minimum, you don’t dance. Regular season conference champs from each conference gets an auto-bid. Use a tie-breaker system in conferences where multiple teams finish tied at the top. Drill down to margin of victory to decide an overall champion if you have to. That team gets the automatic bid for that respective conference. Once all auto-bids are filled, select your at-large teams accordingly.

I just want to see a fairer selection system where more deserving teams like N Texas state, N Iowa, and Iona make the field, and less deserving teams like Xavier, Michigan, and Alabama go to the NIT.

I don’t know how I feel about A&M getting a bid, assuming they lose tomorrow. I guess they probably would get in, but do they really deserve it over a N Texas State or Iona? It bothers me that a raher mediocre team throughout the season like A&M team can get in by just getting hot right at the end of the season, and a team that was consistently good throughout the season like Iona gets left out in the cold.

We’ll see howA& M performs in the ncaa tourn. I’m not expecting too much from them, tbh.

I think they win 1 and done. We can address this pick later, but that’s what I think to this point…

This from the same fan base that was outraged 24 hours ago that our 14-2 finish wasn’t considered worthy of a 3 seed. But A&M gets hot and that doesn’t count. Remember, we could have easily gone 0-3 against the Aggies.

All 32 conferences have tournaments. Every single one of them. Even the Ivy, although the Ivy limits it to top four teams (one of which was Penn that we beat in December; they lost to Yale in the semis last night). In other words, they ain’t going away.

And does Iona really deserve a bid more than the Aggies? One Q1 win. A&M got more than than against us.

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I would be satisfied with winning this tournament once every 20 years! How long has it been now since Joe and the average Joe’s won it? 22 years maybe?


The conference tournaments are not as worthless as the conference baseball tournaments. The SEC baseball tournament, for example, is a farce.

But for lots of good teams in power conferences the conference tournaments there are a lot more negatives than positives to playing more than the usual two games a week this late in the season. Arkansas has been in that category many times, including this year.

All the hype about the seeding impact of conference tournaments (generated mainly by networks which have media rights to the tournaments) overlooks the fact that for most good power five teams if you axed the conference tournaments and just played two more regular season games the impact on seeding would basically be the same. Play three games and maybe you get a trophy and one week of happiness, but that third game is not very likely to change your seedings in the national championship tournament, and there is a mental and physical price to pay.

The conference tournaments are not going away, because it does give everyone a chance to make the tournament, especially bubble teams, and it provides a week of good TV and potential Cinderella stories. But it’s just not that important to good teams that know they will be in the tournament-like this year’s Hogs.


Well said.

That would be fine except the SEC tournament winner is usually a shoe in for the NCAA tournament. It’s never the Hogs. I ask myself why after a season like this one. You can tell yourself that we don’t need to win it but we cannot tout ourselves as a borderline blue blood or the 2nd best basketball school in the SEC without winning championships. Most of us believed this team had the potential to be a Champion. I think Muss is doing a great job as a coach and recruiter. I enjoy 25 plus win seasons and knowing the Hogs are safely in the tournament. I would just like the program to be called Champion from time to time. That is all.

I agree that regular season championships matter. Conference tournament championships not so much.

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I get your point, I really do, but here is how I see it. The Squid wins the SECT nearly every year (in what is essentially, a home venue), yet he STILL has as many nattys as Coach Richardson. The SECT trophy should be made out of pyrite.

Both are all about the $$$. Right or wrong…and every conference does it.


It’s all about $.
Too much $ if you ask me.

But I have enough issues to deal with than to do anything other than watch the Hogs everytime they play…and hope they win…everytime they play.

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