To win 9, we need a great start................

…this season. Louisiana Tech will be a sound, well coached team, with several SEC caliber players and will not be an easy task for the Hogs. TCU is one of Phil Steele’s top picks for a surprisingly successful season next year and predicts them to be second to only OU in the Big12. He says their A&M transfer is a very sound and talented QB and that the starters lost on defense from last year is deceiving as many of those former subs who will now start played a lot and played well last year. A&M has owned us in the fourth quarter for four years in a row. We are way overdue to put them in their place but they will, again, have a lot of talent on Jerry’s field.

So, to me, the big question is can we carry over the mental toughness that we refined last season to give us an early mental edge this year? We went from winless in the SEC away from home in the CBB era to winning strong in Knoxville, coming out on top of a high scoring battle at Oxford, and dominating at night in Baton Rouge. That is a string of away wins that is an unbelievable turn around for the CBB program. We need that mental toughness to help us start strong. We got some leaders on this team with Skipper, Sprinkle, Wise, Ellis, & others that I think can lead the way.

We won at Knoxville, Oxford, Baton Rouge, & Memphis laste last year. Can we win in Fort Worth & Arlington early this year. I think we can. There is a coming together of the program establishing a new mental toughness that I think has begun to jell for the Hogs. I think we can be undefeated for the Bama game if we start where we left off last year. We may be lucky to win 50% of the remaining games. We are due to pull the upset against Bama, but we will get Ole Miss (after an open date) and LSU’s best shots. Florida will be tough. We will need the great start to reach 9 wins. JMVHO.

For me TCU is the early barometer on how we can realistically expect to fare for the season as a whole. If we can manage to get by TCU and then finally prevail against Texas A&M, I think we’ll have established a favorable measurement on a seasonal yardstick. Alabama is Alabama; but I think that we’ve managed to stay with them reasonably well in recent campaigns, - - and I like our chances against them for this season.

I’m not known as a gifted prognosticator; consequently, I won’t embarrass myself with rash, unfounded assertions at the outset. We have pro experts on board here at WHS; I’ll gladly defer to them on commiserations regarding pending fortunes to be dealt by the fickle hand of fate .

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