To Watch or Not to Watch?

That is the question for tomorrow night at my oldest son’s rehearsal dinner! Do we boldly set the standard for the new bride up front by watching it on our phones or in the country club bar, or give it up? I figure one game isn’t worth the grief we will all catch.

Just funny listening to my boys discussing it last night. They LOVE watching this team and last years before COVID shut it down.


D-V-R… of the dinner, watch the game.


If the bride is not a huge Hogs fan, I hope somebody has “the talk” with her before the wedding-NO SOCIAL EVENTS/FAMILY GATHERINGS ON FOOTBALL GAME DAYS, DURING THE NCAA TOURNAMENT OR COLLEGE WORLD SERIES. Arranging child birth for the off-season is also greatly appreciated.


Totally agree with you buzzard! All these things can be pre-planned well enough to avoid conflict with major Hog sporting events!
And yes, they’ve had the talk about this kind of thing…adding the week of Thanksgiving to the list bc that’s our best week for deer season rut historically


I think that is absolutely essential for a happy marriage–or even for a marriage to last.

Ok Hogdr as long as “The Talk” has been administered then no prenuptial required for that area. Have you consulted with the brides family to ensure and possible purge of any Longhorns or other SEC Fans?

All kidding aside Congrats for your son and both families.

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No doubt about it. I got married on October 17, 1992. That’s smack dab in the middle of football season. We were in fact playing Ole Miss that night.Alas, the marriage was doomed. Only lasted 20 years. That’s the equivalent of stopping a football game with about 7 minutes left in the second quarter. Needless to say, we never had the talk we needed to have.

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You’ll have JFB rolling in his grave. Of course you should watch the game!

My dad was a wedding photographer for a long time. He shot a wedding on Sept. 16, 1995 — the day Arkansas beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

I forget all the details, but he said several guys burst into the reception (maybe during the cake cutting?) with the news that Meadors caught the pass and Arkansas won. Everyone stopped and called the Hogs.


My wife is into her third trimester with our third child. She is due in July, but I have a feeling this one will come early, maybe during the College World Series.

Natty would be a good name for a girl, Matt. :sunglasses:


Hey…if you have to go to the bar for a beverage then you got to go…same thing applies for bathroom breaks…when you gotta go you gotta go. I suggest sitting near the back so you can slip out when needed. I would also suggest buying some wireless ear buds and leaving 1 in so you can at least listen to it when not getting a new beverage or on potty break! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

We had a spring wedding for Becca on a Saturday. I missed a few innings two days in a row. Actually missed an entire game.

Come on Matt, women are tough. She can hold it in for a few more days. :wink:


I got married in late Dec 1977. Wife & I set the wedding date before football season began. The hogs had a poor year in '76, we were under a new coach (Holtz) & I did not anticipate having the wedding interrupted by a bowl game. Then we got the invite to the Orange Bowl. I told my then wife-to-be that I thought I could afford a honeymoon to Miami. So, yeah, we went to the Orange Bowl on our honeymoon. I’ve told people that game was the highlight of the trip–but the wife doesn’t think that’s cute.


Oh, forgot to note…almost all these people are Corndog (LSU for you non-Swine followers) fans, and their new women’s hoops coach will be there—Kim’s daughter is a bridesmaid who is 35-36 weeks pregnant. Which reminds me, I’ve gotta go collect some items to put in my black bag in case I’m needed to deliver an early arrival baby! We don’t need a premature corndog messing up this weekend. :slight_smile:


I hope that baby doesn’t become a corndog. Maybe she can overcome her raising. I’d just hate to wish that on any young innocent life.

Only thing you need to pack is mustard.



Please, please, please tell me the groom’s cake is shaped like a corn dog with red and yellow icing. :joy:

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she grew up under the influence of green and gold Bear turds, not much hope for the vibes of gestational development.

I got married Dec 5, 1995 which was a SEC championship football day for us (madre got hurt and it was over sooner than should be). My wedding was afternoon, the reception was off St Charles and well done which all my friends from AR appreciated because the game could be watched without having to make a choice. I did not get but a brief review after the dinner which was just me and her. No sporting interest in her family so the importance was not appreciated. Honeymoon in Barbados started with a conflict for an important basketball game which I got very little glimpse of in the hotel bar because Barbado is Atlantic time and it got late. I alway want to celebrate the wedding anniversary as the first Saturday in December, but she is not buying it.

Is Kim’s kid a primip? would have to be phenomenally tough to listen to vows and proceedings as contractions start, guess it runs in the family but better to be ready than the option.