To those who went to celebration...

Which former Razorbacks did you see.,? Thankd

I am just back from the celebration and did see several former Razorbacks there .However, what I did not see were people in Bud Walton arena to honor Coach Broyles. There probably was less than 1000 people in the arena , including his large family and presenters. I am appalled and ashamed that there were so few to honor the greatest Razorback ever and one of the best ambassadors that our state has ever had. We in Arkansas, have always thought that we have a special fan base and that we are a little bit better than the average college program. BULL FEATHERS. We are just another following that only wants to win , but will not turn out to acknowledge the greatest winner in Arkansas football history and the architect of the present day Razorback sports program .Razorback nation you have disgusted me today and I will never look at you in the same manner again! Shame on you .

I am surprised. I would have been there if I had not had a previous commitment. There was a meeting just North of Tulsa of a club that I helped found. The impetus behind the club was a friend who just celebrated her 93d birthday. She was there today. I hadn’t seen her in probably 15 years. She is nearly blind, but sharp as a tack.

I am so glad that I went to see her. But I must say that I am disappointed in the turnout for Coach Broyles service.

Wanted to be there, but have treatments every Saturday morning and could not get there in time. It’s a five-hour drive from here. Figured there would have been a jam with all the people trying to get there, but apparently that’s what others thought.

That said, I did try to watch it on ESPN3 (don’t get KATV full schedule, only the news on Direct–we’re in Louisiana’s stations’ area). The streaming, at least on my connection, would pause in the middle of some of the best stories, only to restart amid the laughter of the complete story. But it was better than nothing. Very touching tribute to a great man in our state.

I was there and embarrassed at the number of people attending.

Coach deserved more than this!

Shame on you Hog Fans!

I was afraid of few numbers due to August.

A real fan memorial should be at first SEC home game when full stadium can celebrate.

Trying to draw large crowd so fast independent of sports game draw does everyone a disservice.

I see this as funeral with stadium memorial to come still.

I have always felt it inappropriate to attend a funeral of someone I did not know. I was raised that a funeral was for those who knew intimately the deceased, or a close family member. I also have declined to attend services for people I was well-acquainted with but held in low regard while living - I felt it would be in poor taste to suddenly change my tune. That is between me and my creator, I suppose.

Not living in Arkansas, was there an open cattle call on TV inviting fans to attend? If it was not made explicit that the family wanted anyone and everyone showing up then I can see why the crowd was less than some of you thought necessary.

I also find a ballgame a poor place to do anything beyond a moment of silence. Yes, JFB casts the largest shadow in Arkansas sports history - by some measure - but there are only so many times you can honor someone before it becomes hollow. We have a prominent statue, a field, etc. I would suggest a moment of silence at the TCU game, an invitation to “call out to our beloved Coach Broyles…stand up and call those Hogs!” and a helmet sticker or uniform patch…and that is enough.

Jenks, OK, renamed its HS football stadium. Head Coach Allen Trimble was diagnosed a summer ago with ALS, a cruel, deadly disease. Somehow, he is still coaching. They stripped “Hunter-Dwelley” from the name and changed it to “Allen Trimble Stadium.” Hunter and Dwelley were Jenks grads who died in the 1920s, one from TB and one in an oil field disaster, following distinguished service in WW1. Who matters to the players and fans today? Trimble. He is the living legend. While we will likely invoke JFB’s name for decades, just like we do John Barnhill, today’s players may barely remember him as an AD, and their parents may struggle to remember when he coached.

I do not mean to be negative nancy - I too hold Broyles to be a legend and worthy of the highest honors. We can agree to disagree.


Gross over-reaction and really pretty silly. The reality is that most Hog fans under age 51 or 52 or so never saw JFB coach a game. They don’t have the experiences with Coach Broyles that you do, that drew you to the funeral. I am out of state and watched it on line. Good enough for me. I suspect a lot of folks did that. And, I’m afraid a lot of folks didn’t give it a second thought. They view Coach Broyles as a good AD that helped build stuff around campus, that lived a good life, and that has been out of the public eye for a while. Maybe some are still miffed about the Nolan deal. I don’t really know. He is a Titan of a figure in Hog sports, of course. He deserves all the accolades we can muster. But I don’t blame people that didn’t know him personally for not attending yesterday.

The folks who really were his biggest fans are too old to travel. Sad to say. The fact it was on public TV really affected the turn out, simple as that.

This is a pretty arrogant freakin’ post. I can understand if you said “disappointed” or something like that but to say “appalled and ashamed” and then “disgusted”, well, I’m calling you out. You have no idea what people have going, what their responsibilities might be, and what may or may not have prevented them from attending. Grieving and showing respect for someone like Coach Broyles is a personal thing and everyone does it in a different way. You might want to post an apology or re-word your original post. Unbelievable!

Obviously, the university and the Broyles family expected more than the two to three hundred people to show up at the memorial. This is why it was held in Bud Walton. In a metro area of 500,000 people I would have expected many more in attendance. Those living out of state , I understand not being able to make it.I personally know people who chose not to attend the event and really have no reason. I remain unapologetic
and stand by my OP.

Like Clay said, TV killed the attendance…