To those who watched the end of today’s Women’s game

I didn’t to watch.

From what I gather, we had a one point lead with 7 seconds left, and intentionally fouled.

Why did we intentional foul?

Whatever works. I’m just glad we won.

Not sure it was meant to be intentional. Auburn was inbounding with 7 seconds and an Auburn player broke free with no one between her and the basket. Poffenbarger panicked and grabbed her jersey to prevent the easy bucket.

I say not an “intentional“ intentional because it was Poffenbarger’s 5th foul and she was crying on the bench thinking she screwed up. So don’t think she consciously meant to do it, just a reaction. Turns out it was probably the game-saving play as Auburn missed both free throws and got the 5-second violation on subsequent inbound play. Hogs got the ball back and iced it with a couple of free throws.

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Technically accurate, but misleading. Auburn sent a cutter to the basket on its inbounds play. Saylor P. grabbed her jersey to prevent an easy layup. Because the ball hadn’t been touched, they called a flagrant 1, which was also Saylor’s fifth foul. Auburn then missed both free throws and got a five-second violation on the ensuing inbounds pass.

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Didn’t see the game, but one reason to do that would be if they still had a foul to give. Let them take it in and start, then foul (be certain it is not shooting or look intentional!!!) and make them eat more clock to do that again.

We did not have a foul to give. Saylor’s foul was our 8th of the fourth quarter,

With a one point lead, 7 seconds left I’m sure the thinking was DO NOT foul and send them to the line, make them take a contested shot. Saylor got caught up in a screen and as her player slipped away to an open basket she reached out and grabbed a hand full of jersey.

I think it was just a reaction, she wasn’t thinking “I need to foul.” Just luck that it worked out in the Hogs favor.

Auburn gifted CMN that game. I don’t think they can play any worse at the end of games but they somehow managed.


You are correct. Auburn could not play much worse — missed both free throws and then following an Auburn timeout with the ball at midcourt Auburn could not find an open player turning the ball over on a 5-second count. The box score does not show a flagrant foul but instead an intentional foul.

Both teams played like garbage the entire game. One of the worst games I have seen in a long time.
No one seems to be having a good time and Mike has his work ahead of him because they look poorly coached at the moment.

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Here is Ethan’s recap of the game with thoughts from Mike Neighbors:

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Interesting that we’ve already exceeded last year’s win total on Feb. 5 with a guy who can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag. At least according to a few people who wouldn’t know a good coach if he kicked them in the shins.


I agree Swine! Amazing how many coaches on this board.

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Oh ouch!
Not what was said at all.
Said he had work to do because at the moment they don’t look well coached.
That is not always the coach’s fault, but I am sure Mike feels it is his responsibility to get it fixed.
I am sure the grown man appreciates you running to his rescue with an over-reactive glee.
Funny stuff.

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It wasn’t a pretty game by no means. The losses this season have been similar to this one. Leads late and get beat in regulation or OT. The only exception the game at SC they whipped the hogs bad.

I don’t know anything about coaching either, which is why I choose not to display that ignorance by criticizing coaches. Doesn’t seem to bother you though.


Supporting him based upon comparing wins totals with previous years could be seen as ignorant as well. This team has won a lot of games this year. This team has also lost games it shouldn’t have. This team does have work to do, unless of course success is simply winning more games than last year.

I support him because he’s our coach. I don’t consider that ignorance. I never coached at any level and I suspect many on this board didn’t either. Players don’t always do what they are instructed to do.


I would like to see more productivity from the bench. Losing the last couple minutes of a game could be from fatigue. We played 4 players for a combine 35 minutes scoring 5 points as opposed to AU playing 6 players for 92 minutes scoring 25 points.

Also to many missed free throws, layups and wide open threes.

OK jeff, I have criticized Mike lately but still think he is great for the program. He proved his success out West. Mike is the EPITOME of a player’s coach, but not a great tactician or x and o guy and I know all the cliches on both sides of the jimmy and joes or gender equivalent since we are talking women’s basketball.

Mike also has a solid staff and I know they put their clipboard play suggestion into the decision which is a big part of the whole perception of coaching. Gino drew up a brilliant inbound play at crunch time that was as good as it gets and got the quick bucket on a cut that SC could not defend even with their athletes. Motion going one way, back screen with an offside cut across that screen back to the inbounder that took about 1.5 seconds to get a layup.

Mike is emotional and a player’s coach to the max in his heart and soul, but needs to have that play calling OC type to get him design that our kids can hit with confidence. I love Mike and that is it, He certainly can recruit which may be the biggest determiner of coaching success these days, cannot beat Mike for getting talent to Fayetteville.