To those who stayed up late for the TTech game

Did it look to you like the umps had a tight strike zone or were both teams just having a large amount of difficulty throwing strikes? Huge amount of walks on both sides. The number of wild pitches/HBPs would suggest that command was the issue, but wondered what you thought.

I watched from the fifth inning to the end. The zone did not appear tight to me. Pitchers for both teams had trouble throwing strikes.

I thought the home plate umpire for Arkansas’ game had the most generous strike zone of the three games yesterday in Arlington. Neither bullpen pitched well.

No kidding!!

I thought the home plate ump had a consistent zone. He did miss the check swing call late in the game(it did not matter in the end) and when the third base ump backed him up the third base ump and the Arkansas dugout were going at it pretty hard for a minute or two.

I was sitting directly behind the cameras in center and he had a consistent zone all night.
It’s really nice for us to have a catcher that you trust when you need to bounce those pitches

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Only thing I thought I noticed about the plate ump, was that that his strike generosity for the outside of the plate against right hand batters lessened the last 2 or 3 innings. I still thought he was fair for both teams though as his tightening up the zone was done for both teams.

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Even the announcers of our game commented maybe the strike done will be a bit more liberal in today’s games. Very long games. But ump wants to make a name for himself and calls it like a pro game. Over zealous

The Ump in our game against Texas looked to be 6’9" tall.

That was Seth Buckminster, and I thought he did a pretty good job last night. My only previous recollection of him was when he threw out Dave Van Horn in 2017 vs. LSU. He had a bad day that day.

Buckminster’s strike zone was big last night, I thought, watching from my living room. I think it contributed to all the strikeouts on both teams (15 for Texas, 9 for us). The same thing happened in that game against LSU in 2017 (I was pretty close to home plate that game and could see the depth of the pitches well). It also seemed like LSU got all the low pitches that day and Arkansas got few, just as Clay mentioned. I also thought that, last night, the later the game went, the lower the strikes. Worked out for us this time. He’s not a good umpire.