To those favoring an expansion of the CFP field . . .

. . . it would be advisable to NOT hold your breath.

ESPN’s Heather Dinich (who has worked the Big 10 beat for several years now) has an interesting article (link below) posted that discusses some of the under-considered (by fans, in particular) nuances of expanding the CFP playoff field. Tellingly, she disclosed that a poll of all 10 of the FBS Conference Commissioners (plus the Notre Dame AD), came back with only TWO favoring an expansion at this point. And those two were the commissioners of the Sun Belt and AAC Conferences. Not exactly the major power brokers.

Now, it is not accurate to say the other 9 are “dead set” against eventual expansion. Again, it is nuanced. But the main point is that five years in, no one has yet put forth a proposal for expansion that addresses enough of the long list of considerations to have gained any notable traction. Among the 11 people who actually have the power to effect any change to the process, that is. And, if something does come along, it probably won’t be in place for some time. Consider that the committee deliberated and debated the current format for almost 4 years before they reached agreement on the format we currently use; and then, it was 18 months before it was implemented.

From almost Day #1 - and I’m talking about when the CFP was first announced, a year and a half ahead of the first CFP playoffs - there have been many who claimed the field of 4 will be expanded to 8 much sooner than the length of the 12 year initial agreement. Quite a few were bold (foolish) enough to say that would happen within 5 years. I claimed then that the CFP would not be expanded until at least that initial contract had been fulfilled - if then. I still feel that way. … -in-future

Actually, you’re wrong about how the CFP came about. One Larry Culpepper invented it. If the field expands to 8, my guess it’ll be only if Larry devises the plan. :smiley:

(I AM Larry Culpepper . . . or, he is me).

>Both came up with the current CFP plan more than 20 years ago.

>Both love Dr. Pepper.

Well - I AM better looking than he is (or am I?)

And Larry (I) say “no expansion of the 4 team playoff until I’m gone”.

I miss Larry.

For the record, I like things like they are.

I agree with Richard, I like the four team playoff.

I would go for a six-team with with one and two getting byes. I don’t think that would have affected it this year and the same two would have ended up in championship. I feel eight is too many. There are not eight teams in a given year worthy of being the national champion.

The only thing I don’t like about the CFP is that they play the semi-finals and then there’s still 11 to 12 bowl games yet to be played.

They should fix that…play all the bowl games, then the semi-finals, then the NCG.

If they ever make a change - and, I’m sure, at some point (hopefully several years from now), they will - this makes the most sense to me as well. I’m for staying at four, as I’ve said several times. But if they MUST expand, this addresses ALL of the legitimate gripes; any “deserving” Power 5 champion would have no complaint with being left out if they aren’t judged to be in the top SIX teams in the country. And it gives more leeway for a Central Florida type team to get a shot.

I’ve got to say, I’m NOT one of those who thinks you just take 1-4 (or, in this scenario, 1-6) because of the Conference Championship games. In many if not all cases, the “second” team from the SEC (or whoever) will have played and lost the Championship game. So, they had their shot. They may be better than one of the six teams that gets in, but they know going into the Conference Championship game what is on the line - and if they lose, then they’re out. Just like if Notre Dame had upset Clemson (unlikely as that may have been, in retrospect), we can’t just say “well, we know Clemson is better so they DESERVE to be in the Final game”. Nope - if you lose the Conference Championship game, you’re OUT.

Looking at it that way (and I do), we already have a field that is more than 4. If we have 6 (at some point), that’s MORE than enough opportunity for a DESERVING team to get in.

All that said, I really believe that when they expand, it will be to 8. My reasoning is that it take SO much effort and time to expand that when they finally get enough pressure to do something, they won’t want to hear people carping about 8 teams even after they expand. We’ll see - although I hope it happens after I no longer care!