To Temper All the Celebration a Little

The Hogs missed 16 or 17 FTs tonight. That should never ever happen and that will get you beat. Hit the FTs and the game is all but over with 5 min. to go. Have no idea why guys with as much talent as these guys have miss that many FTs other than lack of concentration. Don’t know what else it could be.

Hope they did not rub Bama’s nose in it too much tonight. There is a real chance they will see these guys again and they will not be thinking about a 39 point win in Jan. That could game could be a real war.

With all due respect, we still won and I am going to celebrate that. I am not coaching them so I can’t do anything about their free throws. Thus I will celebrate a win in the first top 25 matchup at bud walton since 1998. Also, it was a 31 point win.


I am as well, but missed FTs just drive me up a wall. 39-31, whatever. Anything over 25 is a total and complete butt whipping. Love how they reacted to that.

I feel ya, its frustrating but nothing we can do about it. Alabama didn’t like getting punched in the mouth. And things not going their way.

What’s the saying? If you catch enough fish it’s doesn’t matter how big they are?

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Yes, we will need to shoot free throws better going forward, and I firmly believe we will. When you play as hard as we played in the 2nd half, and especially on the defensive end and on the boards, you will lose your legs. Nothing will mess with your free throw stroke like tired legs.

We have been a good free throw shooting team most of these last 8 games. I think we’ll continue that going forward.

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We had a bad night at the FT line, it happens. But lately we have been good at line. Moody made 16 of 19 FT’s. But that made up for his sub par FG shooting.
Smith came on in 2nd half and had his usual steady body of work 50% or better on FG’s 12 RB’s and good defense.
Other players did some good things and some not so good. Need to cool emotions some.
Got to take the good with the bad, overall FT shooting wasn’t good, but some other aspects were.

We beat Bama’s # 6 arse handily - I’ll take it any day.

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We leave tons of points out there a lot, one day we won’t and it will be glorious! Either missed layups or missed FT in high numbers, we make it harder on ourselves than it has to be.
The perfect storm is going to happen at some point, where we don’t leave a lot of
points out there from the line or layups or even from the 3 at a high volume, and it’s going to be real real hard on our opposition. They are capable of those kind of games consistently they just haven’t realized it yet, but when they do watch out. It will be great.

Didn’t impact outcome of game. I’m sure the players will be shooting a bunch between now and LSU game.

How can you have a bad time at the line when you shoot 43 free throws—would love to have made more of them but the pace of the game and tired legs lead to that—bet Alabama thinks they had bad night at the line—and they did—watched game from hospital bed— had total knee done earlier in the day—what an enjoyable game and plan that our coach formulated

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I’m with you Jim. I don’t know what the answer is, but you can’t leave that many points out there. % wise we are a decent FT shooting team. I hope we never see a FT shooting night like that again.

Good luck with the knee, Sackett. I’ve been putting off knee replacement (both) for decades…but figure it’s coming up for me sooner or later.

I did, however, enjoy watching Quinerly barely hit the front of the rim on the 2 Tech shots. Dude hoisted up two fadeaway FT’s! :joy:


Missing free throws bugs me, too. But our team has had several good performances from the line in recent games. Games that in some cases were closer than this was at the end.

Muss has talked about the drill they do that helps with free throws (that the players don’t like). I suspect they’ll be seeing that some more. Thankfully, free throws didn’t end up costing us last night.

Well obviously you can leave all that out there and still win, we just did. But that not what this was about, it’s really about making it easier on ourself. If we don’t leave all this out there this game is way over way earlier.
It’s going to happen, a high volume great shooting 3 night, a high volume make dunk and layup night, and a near no miss FT night all at once. Perfect storm, with the defense clicking as well. It will be over at half.

That was a 30 point win last night, unfortunately the score didn’t reflect that. But hey, not knocking a 15 point win I’ll take it, just commenting on how good we really could be.

It’s gonna happen.

We have gone from a team that was showing no sign of improvement for a stretch earlier in the season to a team that is improving by the minute in a game.

They will get there, gonna happen.

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