To play or not play

Does KJ really need to play this Saturday. Yes it is his first full year and reps are important. I just don’t think this far along in the season taking hits unnecessarily will be advantageous down the stretch. I’m sure there’s plenty of other walking wounded that could use a three week healing period.

Yes he needs to play he’s still progressing as a quarterback. He needs to approach this game just like another sec game. He needs to continue to get better each and every week.


Understand your point but SP has to win this game and best shot is to build big early lead and then start resting and letting other backups get experience. Unfortunately, due to depth and injuries ,he does not feel comfortable depending on wholesale shift in starters until he knows the game is in hand.

I saw where Kiffin is questioning whether Corral will play this week after the beating from the Arkansas game and his running 30 times against Tenn taking further toll. However, Ole Miss does not have ready number two QB so you ride the pony you have until you cannot anymore. Coaches did same with Catalon here at Arkansas. Coach O paid price at LSU for not having QB ready after Burrows left (He had many other issues too). Good QB play is most important position in football today.

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He should salt this game away and boost his confidence. No way should we take for granted we win this game with the bus ride. Take care of business early and enjoy watching the others play the second half. This game should be fun, there is healing in that. We are not far enough removed from losing these kind of games.


KJ will hopefully only play the first half. We need to get up by 4 scores, then let the Hornsby run the show the second half. If the Hogs go up big early, then KJ and the other starters sit earlier. On defense, this is a great time to find some young playmakers. We have a lot of DBs on this team. Now is the time to figure out who is SEC quality and who isn’t.


After hearing coach Pittman describing how KJ has literally slowed afoot and the beating he has had to endure I just don’t see one positive for him playing. It’s probably 50/50 whether down the stretch Hornsby at one time will be called on to fill in on an extended basis. From what I’ve seen from him hasn’t been that great. He needs the work.

The fact that Hornsby has not been great is the reason you start KJ. Get the lead. Getting the lead is important for the rest of the team and getting others in the game.


I want to add, not starting KJ has merit. But getting the lead so others play has more merit.

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yes. Start K.J. & get an early lead. While I expect to win the game easily, it’s possible to blow it off badly enough to lose. That’s why you start any starters that are healthy enough to start. Depending on how big & how early you take the lead, then start pulling starters.

A team of starters having hard enough time to make first downs and being better unit , would make one question the wisdom of starting unproven players and having same issues or if doing so and working out as hoped, then why didn’t the coach do it in the earlier games as well… Easy call for me to start Jefferson and try to get lead. He. would be starting anyway if it was MSU, or other teams left on schedule other than UAPB.

The offense is probably going to be very run-heavy and bland-though UAPB has been really vulnerable in the air. KJ will probably be instructed to be biased towards handing the ball off unless there are big holes. It may well be one of those games where the yards per completion is really high.

If Hornsby plays much they might let him throw it more often, but it probably won’t be to Burks, who is dinged up too(he was on the exercycle trying to stay loose enough to play a lot on Saturday). This would be a great week for Burks to play very sparingly.

We saw what happened (vs Rice) when you don’t take advantage of an outmanned opponent early. They scratch and claw a bit harder, and a bit longer, extending the time on the field for the starters.

We desperately need to see the pups play, and we desperately need to rest the starters (and protect them from injury, which is the handmaiden of needing rest).

I can see alternating series with them, starting with KJ (assuming a TD on the first drive). I can also see a scheme where Hornsby only throws, period–unless he’s forced from the pocket. In other words, it hardly does the Razorbacks any good to scheme Hornsby to run and not to take advantage of UAPB to develop confidence in his passing game. His first play should be a long pass.

Trying to decide who to play and for how long is a question that should be answered by halftime and hopefully by the end of the first quarter. We were calling last weeks game a must win, the one we are getting ready to play is the must win game of the season, lose this one and we will be seeing the ghost of CM !! Let get them early and often and get our guys some rest and some game time for our bench players. WPS

They are all must wins in the SEC. I learned that quickly from Danny Ford and Joe Kines.

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