To Our Team…

You have made us proud this year so far, so keep up the tenacity and hard work as you enter the SEC schedule. Y’all are fun to watch for many reasons and it’s awesome to see team chemistry flourish this year.

We are all looking forward to watching this suffocating relentless defense against these SEC teams that THINK they are legit final 4 teams. I can’t wait to see the likes of Bama, Auburn, Kentucky, etc wilt under the pressure as you whoop them into submission and take the fight out of them. You have enough to go as far as you want this year if you keep up the effort we’ve seen thus far and listen to Coach Muss!

This is going to be a fun few months for us all. Enjoy the ups and downs of it boys, bc it’ll be a blast! Again, we are proud of our fighting Razorbacks! WPS!

Yes Sir! The are fun to watch.

The game Wednesday night will preview the season.

I suspect that game in BR will be telling and foretelling. Expecting a nail biter though, and a W.

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