To me it seems

we tend to have players that flourish with potential and then in their junior and senior years tend to regress.

Name some? I don’t see it.

The numbers don’t really bear that out. We are in the Top 25 in country in NFL players and have as many of similar to schools like Texas, TAMU, etc.

Many were under this staff, too. When watching football this week I saw: Alex Collins, Skipper, Hunter, Trey, Philon and Deatrich. There are others. … ay-rosters

Raulerson, Ramirez, Bijhon Jackson, Josh Liddell, and Austin Allen, before he got injured the final time, was not playing up to his standards from the previous year. Many think Allen was already injured and trying to play through an injured shoulder (which caused his short throws to be inaccurate and his deep passes to be underthrown) so he may have an excuse for under-performing during his senior year.

I wonder if that is mostly expectations, especially with higher ranked kids that just don’t seem to live up to their pre-college hype.

Ramirez was a JC guy, while Raulerson was a grad transfer (if memory serves). Not sure how they “flash potential” before their Jr. and Sr. years if not playing here.

Austin Allen was the league’s leading passer as a Jr., his first year to play any significant snaps. Yes, he didn’t perform as well thru the first five games this year. But his junior year was pretty good.

I believe Jackson has an issue playing at his current weight, but not sure he can lose it either. Not a slight to the young man, but I never saw much early to think he’d be an all-league type.

I don’t believe we’ve had a safety show potential in a long, long time. Wouldn’t say Liddell is worse than earlier represented, though.

Every roster–including Bama–has lists of players like that. Clearly we aren’t developing enough players.

But, I don’t think a blanket statement that players with potential aren’t developing is accurate.

I would come closer to arguing we have had too much attrition (transfers, injuries etc) at key spots and in one class–2014.

There were several transfers, busts and career-ending injuries in that class (Jojo Robinson, Kendrick Edwards, Rafe Peevey, Anthony Brown, Cornelius Floyd, Nate Dalton, Jake Hall, Armon Watts, Khalia Hackett, Jovon Pruitt, Chris Murphy, Cole Hedlund, Juan Day, Josh Williams, Bijjon Jackson)

Of those that aren’t here or aren’t contributing much from the 2014 class, I would say very few flashed much potential–maybe Bijon. That’s a huge chunk of the roster.

That’s one big reason we had a pretty small number of upperclassmen in the 2-deep this year. Lots of those would-be upperclassmen aren’t on the roster. That’s a class that was recruited off of an 0-for the SEC and a staff just starting to put down roots in the region. The 2015 class was much better and the 2016 class already seems better than the 2014 class. The 2013 class was very solid.

As I was typing this AJ Derby just caught a TD on MNF. That’s another one who developed from nothing into an NFL starter.

By my math:

2013–5 NFL guys (AC, Skipper, Spaight, Drew Morgan, Hunter Henry) and 2 other key contributors–AA and Brooms Ellis

2014-- 2 NFL guys–Ragnow, Tretola and 1 key contributor–JRed

2015-- 5 NFL type guys–RW3 (but for injury), Pulley (projection but a safe one), Greenlaw (projection), CJ Ogrady (projection), Hjalte (projection–many will laugh but just wait) and a few key contributors (Reed for a season, Ledbetter)

2016–Too early to tell but Agim and Dejon Harris look like NFL guys

Raulerson–Tweener graduate transfer who has always been too small.

Ramirez–got here late. Was a project. What flash did you see and what about his development (role/bit player) was unexpected?

Bijhon Jackson–overrated. has been miscast; is best being turned lose; never had been consistently; is usualky taking on double teams.

Josh Liddell–has always tackled like a converted offensive player (which he is); decent in coverage

Austin Allen-led league in passing last year; Had surgery a few weeks before this season and played like it until being injured, again.