To many bricks

39 points in 30 minutes. They are done. Game is and has been there for the taking but they just don’t have it. FL is a tough matchup. If it’s close SEC is not gonna give up another team that’s a win away from making the dance possibly.

Arkansas is 17-of-40 from the field, 4 of 14 from 3 and 6-9 on FTs

Florida is 15 of 44, 5 of 17 from 3 and 12 of 18 from FT line

we just don’t seem to have it this game smh :frowning: sadly… getting out rebounded like this is unacceptable

We’re actually shooting better than Florida. FT’s are the difference maker so far.

the difference between these two teams is Florida gets their rebounds after they miss their shots and gets another chance to score whereas we don’t accept that one time. Offensive rebounds have always killed this team

40’ s won’t win a game ever anywhere.

Between the bricks and turnovers they don’t deserve to win! Scrub the roster and next year.
Be happy we won’t see Allen anymore.

Outside of 2 players, Florida is just more talented and they out hustle us for rebounds

I saw a lot of hustle and heart out there from the Hogs today. Florida played great, and the ball bounced their way today — especially on all those offensive rebounds.

You left out the most important statistic of the game - rebounding. Most especially, offensive rebounding.

As usual, we got killed in both.

Got to be some shared blame on this stinker! Coaches and players need to do some soul searching. Should be ashamed.