To have a great season, we need some pleasant surprises -------------

----------------- some unanticipated players surprising folks while playing at a high level. We got six on the coaches All Sec preseason team. Burks, Morgan, Stromberg, Clary, Catalon, Cunningham. Who will need to join them if we hope to have a great season?

  1. Tre Williams. Our defense sorely needs a pass rush and it has been way too long since the Hogs have had a great defensive end pass rusher. Tre could be that for us.

  2. Treylon Smith. If he can stay healthy (which means another back to emerge to share the load) and our offensive line really is improved, we could have a much better running game and he could be very high in running productivity in the SEC.

  3. A second great receiver to take the heat off of Burks. It could be Crawford, Warren, Thompson, White, etc. but we sorely need to take advantage of the attention Burks will command and have one or more dangerous receivers make them pay bigtime.

  4. K.J. - We need strong play from our QB for this offense to excel. If he can become one of the better QB’s in the West, great things will follow.

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Sounds like Sanders and Oglesby are both candidates to share carries with Smith. Now if the OL can give them some holes.

  1. Someone at TE stays healthy enough to actually play.
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We are thin at TE now. Jackson medically retired. Read somewhere Frosh QB Landon Rogers is being tried there, since his HS TE team mate Outley is rehabbing his injury.
I think the new big fella Ridgeway on the Dline surprises and is a major impact there.

To me, #4 is the ultimate barometer. If KJ is a “pleasant surprise”, then this season will exceed most everyone’s expectations.

If K is great then Coach Pittman will be mentioned for COY, and Coach Briles will be difficult to keep.

On the other hand…….

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Special teams is my pick. All indications point to fountain getting them rough and ready for combat.


Agree but good QB is the absolute must. KJ must complete around 60% or better of his passes and obviously make good decisions.

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I think once AJ Green gets healthy and gets his reps. He has a chance to help out a lot.
The main thing to me is we have to have very sound quarterback play from KJ or Malik(KJ has shown he gets injured pretty quickly). We cannot have a lot of turnovers and a lot of three and outs and even have a remote chance at winning many games.

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Agree 100%.

How many wins is a great season? Great would be 8 wins, for me. 8-4 would be close to great, or what passes for great these days.

Yes, as Scottie reported, Rogers was moved to TE.

I don’t see a great year, but I see a path to a good one, but it will obviously take some breaks.

I see 5 as improving, 6 AND a bowl as a good season from where they were when Coach Pittman arrived.

I agree that 8 - again by where they will would be great.

But I reserve great in normal times for 10 wins and above

I think AJ Green will work his way into carries as the 3rd TB

On No. 3, I see it being freshman WR Ketron Jackson and also like the flashes I have seen at practice from Trey Knox, my candidate for comeback player of the year.

MANY potentials on this team which is exciting.
And it’s been quiet awhile NO, it’s been too dam long since we had good breaks
come our way so I’m expecting. GHG!

Yes, as Scottie reported, Rogers was moved to TE.

Could get interesting if Landon grows in to the position and excels there.


I’m with Dudley on expecting a upward move from Trey Knox.

That would great for Knox to step up,would be great help for the offense.

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