To go along with what Jackson

Alluded to with his ‘Who else?’ post, how does this keep happening? I know the AD is responsible, but what measures, what preemptive steps can be put in place to keep this from repeatedly happening? It happened in basketball and took a decade and a half to repair, our football program is the same or worse, we let the program get to below the bottom to make a move and then it’s to late. It’s near impossible for a coach to bring prominence to irrelevance in very competitive atmosphere.

How and why do we wait until the destitution sets in before we do something, especially when apparently everyone knew?

We can’t wait til it’s to late anymore. Signing off on these ridiculous buyouts is one, and that’s not just on the AD, people had to green light that. Competent steps have to be put in place, job evals have apparently been rubber stamps. Something has to change. What steps has the AD put in place to keep it from happening or continuing? The Bosses of the AD, that let this get this far, what changes have they made to control and better monitor this?

It’s gotta stop. To late is to late.

Maybe a fan board of consultants? I’ll volunteer. Obviously the pros who do this for a living are struggling.

Doormat, waiting until we are a doormat is not a job well done. It’s been a re- occurring theme.

It’s time to be a consistent ranked and respected program and stay there.

I think Sean Rochelle was at the Razorback Foundation when the agreement with Bielema with the higher buyout amount than the public contract was executed. He’s gone.

Anymore of Long’s cronies still on the payroll - hopefully he hires them all to join him in Lawrence.