To give you a little perspective about O Wizard

So let’s forgive him…

O Wizard’s train of thought. Just some perspective.



Trying to get your stats up I see :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are…

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Mike, I’ll have you know I graduated in the top 75% of my class. So there… :wink:


LOL LOL that’s better than the first comment, mercy mercy.

ALL I’ve got to say was I did gradu-wasted…

Just read this it"s easier, Wizard could care less---- what anybody posts!

That’s true

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I graduated third in my class.

(Shhhhhh…… I was in a small school. Only three in the graduating class).

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Great, now this thread had a little mud on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just hit that like button :rofl:

My goodness…what kind of person posts a PRIVATE MESSAGE that I sent them several months or a year ago(??) which, by the way, CLEARLY STATED that it was something “I wouldn’t post here on the board”?

By the way, that was a response to your PM asking me about my board stats (which I had never seen or even knew existed before someone…maybe you…posted theirs here and asked others to look up and post in the thread). Your PM admonished me to hit the “heart” icon on more posts and asked me why I had not. I gave you an honest (private) answer. Didn’t have to, but since you asked by PM, I gave you a no BS, honest answer. I’m not sure why you chose to post it here, and I (in particular) don’t know what it has to do with the OP in the other thread (that you also posted this same thing in and apparently inspired your post).

I’m not ashamed of the content of the PM I sent you, but it does include some information I would not generally post in a forum like this for - I think - obvious reasons. They are called “Private Messages” for a reason. It’s just very bad form to have posted it here without my permission.

Nowhere did I say that. I DID say that I don’t care about the STATS you seem fixated on, or what anyone cares about THE STATS. That’s not the same as saying that I don’t care what anybody posts, in general.

In fact, I did say (see above) that “I naturally gravitate toward some posters, and away from others”. Don’t believe that’s a big revelation, and is probably true of everyone that reads or posts here, if they are being honest.

Now that I’ve looked back, it was YOUR thread about your stats and asking people to post theirs that I replied to. Honest reason? No one else was responding and I thought another reply might bump it along for you to get some more replies. 100% truth. As I mentioned in what was SUPPOSED to be a Private Message to you, I very nearly didn’t post because of the lack of “hearts” punched, and the expectation that someone would read something more into it than there is.

I guess the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” has something to it. Try to be friendly/supportive to someone you don’t know, and then they lay in wait to try and sucker punch you for no reason months later.

My class rank? I had none.

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I do not understand the purpose of a post like the OP

Let it go. No purpose…

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