To get myself juiced for the Softball game vs Texas

I have dug through some of my old recording and doing an Arkansas vs Texas binge.

First up… Football: 2021.09.11 - Arkansas 40 vs Texas 21 F
Next up… Basketball: 2016.12.17 - Arkansas 77 vs Texas 74 F
and last… Baseball: 2021.02.21 - Arkansas 4 vs Texas 0 F

Just finished up the football game… about to reload the popcorn bowl and get to the basketball game!


BTW during the Football game, look who got caught in the crowd by the TV cameras…
Kamani Johnson and Jaylin Williams


LMAO!!! Man I wish I was doing that right now as well!!!

I think I’ve found tonight’s entertainment!

Better keep large supply of popcorn Votan, I see a possible weekender “heavy binge” forthcoming. Something to wash it down.

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