To fans, whose season ticket package includes LR game

When I tried to download my season tickets, I noticed Little Rock game isn’t there. Is that case for you too? If so, any idea why it is not there to download?

I’ve heard they were mailing them. I don’t have my OM or aTm tickets in there, either. The OM tickets say aren’t available online.

AFAIK, the Little Rock game is considered a separate season ticket, and is sold as such at the ticket website.

They mailed the WMS parking pass at the same time as those for RRS, lol.

I’ve tried calling ticket office to ask about LR tickets but I can’t get anybody to answer.

I think they’re busy with baseball, lol.

I bet you are right about that :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried too to get thru to the ticket office. No success.

Yeah, I live about 10-15 minutes from there, I’m going to drop by tomorrow and see if anyone is actually there!

Thanks. Let us know.

I talked to them a few days ago. They said they will be sending out tickets by email. No phone digital entrance capabilities at war memorial. I assume she meant they will be download and print.

Thanks Harley.

Ask about jawja tickets, also.

Ok, sorry, forgot to give my info from the visit. The only tickets that are in your app are tickets for RRS. The away games, aTm game, and LR game will show up 10-14 days before the scheduled game, either in the app, or in an email, depending on location.

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Thanks rice.

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