To Dudley And SwineFusion

Instead of doing our usual trade insults routine,how about we have the discussion that neither one of you seem to want to have. Instead of living in the make believe world that we just don’t understand why Arkansas can’t seem to recruit top talent to our football and basketball programs. Teams are paying players. Period. Fact. Just because you have a problem acknowledging it won’t make it any less true. So how does the University and sports reporters respond to it. Either ignore it or discuss what needs to be done about. My big problem with you guys is that you seem to not even acknowledge this fact. Teams are paying players. Do we do nothing, join in , or report them? This is the conversation that needs to take place. Nothing, in regards to our recruiting difficulties will improve until the University decides which course of action to take.

Sorry about the .u SF. Hit the wrong botton.

No one says everyone is not paying players. We all understand that and have said it repeatedly. What Dudley, Swine, and myself have said to you is the NCAA protects certain schools and we would not be one. That’s why your not seeing anything come out of the Adidas scandal, protect those that make them money.

My man, please.

I have talked on this board before about how - as a manager for the basketball team back in the day - boosters would just hand me $100 bill because I was a freaking manager.

Arkansas has never been and never will be lilly white when it comes to cheating.

But they clearly have not done it very good lately.

Go toot that horn somewhere else.

I understand that Baked. But what I’m trying to get to is what, if anything can be done about it. Is the answer to just shrug our shoulders and accept our positions as also ran? Or do we fight fire with fire? Ole Miss got caught doing way worse than we possibly would or could. All they got was a slap on the wrist. I guess I’m just frustrated by the injustice of it all.

Yeah, but honestly we would get hammered, Ole Miss would get a hand slap. We are the bottom of the SEC pecking order (heck aTm came in and took away our Thanksgiving Game). SEC and NCAA will try to protect others. They won’t us.

If we cheat we would get caught. Not talking the $100 handouts Dudley is talking about, I’m talking five star commit money. Heck, our name was mentioned in the Adidas trial. Guaranteed the NCAA is investigating us right now. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see us get some kind of violation and LSU skate. We know which was blatantly cheating

I know Baked. The NCAA protects it’s cash cows. It just infuuriates me watch teams hoist trophies they had to cheat to win.

I honestly don’t know how to fix it, unless the NCAA says everyone cheat, or they smash the cheaters.

Example, Duke didn’t find any wrongdoing in the Zion claim. And everyone including the NCAA said, Ok. Give me a break, Zion made more last year than I have in the past 10 years

My point Dudley is that other teams don’t just hand out 100 bills. They pay out thousands and pretty much brag about it. I’m a song is there anything to be done aboUT it? Look at LSU. They kept thier lying, cheating basketball coach and ,I believe,forced out its AD. As I said to Baked. Watching teams cheat,win ,and get away with it just angers me to no end. If I offended you about my post I apologize. I’ll try to be more diplomatic when posting in the future.

I am not easily offended so don’t worry about that.

My issue was you coming on here and lumping me into a category I don’t belong in.

I am not the see no evil, hear no evil, preach no evil dude.

I’ve been inside the system. I know how it works.

Understood. I love college sports because it’s not pro. I know. Rather foolish of me. To watch the last vestiges of amateurish fading away makes me sad. In pro sports, you can tell the players who don’t really care about winning. They play just good enough not to get cut. That’s big reason I love college sports. The love and passion for the game.

I was really good friends with a starting football player in the time period you and I were in college/shortly thereafter. I asked him once about this very thing and he said the same thing you said here. There were $100 handshakes, etc. That said, he made a big deal out of the fact that Arkansas, while not lilly white, was much cleaner than every other SWC school (again, the time period) other than Rice. We were not dropping off suitcases full of money. He also said it was, as far as he knew, only players who were already on the team, not recruits. More of a “thank you” than a payment to come to UofA. Not saying that makes it OK, just to me, there is some difference.

Nobody is lily-white. Nobody. As they say in NASCAR, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. I knew a booster 30+ years ago who regularly gave $100 handshakes to a player on the UA roster. The kid in question happened to be from his town and had played high school ball with his son, but that doesn’t make it legal (The booster was my late father in law).

What we either don’t do or aren’t very good at is the large advance payments to get recruits to sign (which used to come in the form of a Trans-Am; Eric Dickerson took the Trans-Am that A&M gave him and drove it to SMU). When Reggie Perry’s mom was whining on Twitter about we didn’t show him the love, her definition of love is printed in green ink and spits out of ATMs.

I would agree with Greg that our cheating is more thank you to the players on campus than to lure recruits. Maybe that’s the problem. We have to do more to get them here.

The current system is completely hypocritical, and that’s why I support NLI payments to players, get it out in the open. They’re generating billions of dollars and getting back dribs and drabs of under-the-table cash while schools are building mega-complexes like the Jones Center at UA. It’s great and I’m glad we have it, but that’s money that could be used more directly for the athletes’ benefit. Never mind that some schools pay their head coaches more than they spend on scholarships for every one of their sports combined (and we may be one of them).

I could write a book - that would no doubt make me a lot of money - with everything I know and have been around.

But I am not going to be “that guy” because I was an employee of the athletic department at the time and I am happy with my life.

Of course, anything after that would be fair game.

I have a good friend who played basketball at a mid major in the 80’s. A local shoe store gave them free shoes anytime they came by the store. And other benefits from a pretty small schools boosters. It happens everywhere. It’ the big money paid recruits that is crazy. This same guy has a brother who is an assistant coach in college basketball. It’s no secret who is paying for the “big” recruits. They are just cagey enough to not get caught. He was shocked that Wade was dumb enough to handle the “bag man” himself.

There is a player that I SAW get $100.00 and more handshakes in High School. Played here. It sickens me that nothing happens to the Big Cheaters. The opportunity to clean this up is here and nothing will happen in my lifetime. DD You should write the book. Don’t wait until you are too old to remember :sunglasses:

What makes anyone think Arkansas does not turn in schools that they know cheat? I think it does. I know Ken Hatfield turned in Ole Miss for cheating to try to get Wayne Martin. If you know something, you turn them in. Now, most of that is never mentioned in public. No one at Arkansas is going to tell you and no one at the NCAA is going to say Arkansas turned in Ole Miss.

To answer your question Clay, because AR has committed violations other schools have received notices for (most were minor handslaps) and AR hasn’t. If I’m a school that AR turns in, I’m turning them in. Since that hasn’t happened, very easy to assume AR is keeping its mouth shut.

By the way, about two years ago, either Dudley or Richard wrote an article on here talking about one of Morris’ recruiting practices. John Calipari actually talked about doing the exact same thing at KY. Mizzou and Pinkel (before he left) was hit with a minor violation for that exact thing. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Missouri didn’t make a HUGE deal out of it. I understand they may not be reading Dudley and Richard, but Calipari openly talked about it on ESPN, I’d be screaming at every news site, look at this crap.

I think you assume nothing. Just because you assume it, doesn’t mean it’s true.