To connect futbol and football

To connect Arkansas football and women’s futbol topics, see that Vandy has specialists out with COVID so is considering using the goalie of their tourney champion team as their place kicker this weekend.

Interesting. I’m not sure that’s possible. NCAA rules say any scholarship athlete who plays in a game has to count against the football limit of 85, to prevent schools from stashing defensive tackles on “swimming” scholarships to get around the limit. Even if she’s a girl. I assume the goalkeeper is on soccer scholarship. If they are under the limit, though, I guess it’s doable.

Interesting. Probably Kosher, Vanderbilt is one of the last schools I would suspect when the name “cheating” is mentioned. And if they are cheating at football, they are doing a very lousy job of it :smile:.

Might be a situation where the coaches are discussing it and the compliance people go, “uh, there’s a problem here.”

Sarah Fuller is their main GK. She’s from the Dallas area. Dunno if she’s ever kicked a prolate spheroid before

Probably hasn’t. But I remember years ago I went to a preseason fan day at UNC. They let the fans line up and try to kick 20 yard field goals. It was close but no cigar for me (so I guess I could kick for Arkansas :slightly_frowning_face:). A tiny little girl was behind me and a man behind her very dismissively said “Good luck” to her. She then kicked one that would have been good from 40, turned to the guy, said “Play soccer”, waved at him, and walked off.

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Sure seems harmless to me. Let her kick.

Agree with Clay give her a shot. 30-40 years ago nobody would even care and if she made a FG or even better, a game winning FG, woo hoo great publicity.

It’s okay with me but the NCAA has its rules :roll_eyes:

I believe Title IX passed in 1972, but as far as public opinion is concerned, not as far as the law and right and wrong is concerned, I think
30-40 years ago most people would think the idea of a female playing college football was a little crazy and now most people would say it’s totally ok

The NCAA might have issues about a scholarship soccer player playing football. And some coaches might have issues because of the following. I had a friend in college (Tulane) who tried out for football as a punter, was by far the best punter, but was beaten out by someone who was an inferior punter but a much superior football player. The coach wanted someone who could do a football play on the return, if the snap was mishandled, on a fake, if the punt was blocked, etc. Garo Ypremian aside, some of that would apply to place kickers too. But I’d bet most coaches would prefer the better punter or kicker period, without much regard to football playing ability.

The gender issue isn’t a problem for me. If she can kick, let her. Heck, if she can play nose guard, let her. But the scholarship rule may very well come into play. As far as making a non-kicking play, I doubt she’s had any training, but goalkeepers absolutely get hit while they’re going up for crosses in the six-yard box. And there are plenty of male kickers/punters who can’t do that either.

The gender issue definitely isn’t an issue with me. In fact, if they didn’t let her play because of gender, it would be an issue with me, the NCAA, and the law. Anyone who is capable should be on the field. May the best man or woman win. And if it is a woman, cool!

By the way, I was a goalie in a recreational league founded by Anson Dorrance, famed UNC women’s coach. I remember going out for a ball, 3 players crashing into me, but I still made the save. My teammates said I was so courageous. No I wasn’t, I was just concentrating on the ball so much that’s all I saw. Goalies, man or woman, have to have athletic ability and judgement (maybe better judgement than that :smile:). But when you have no football experience and someone 100 pounds more than you might be crashing into you, it’s still a challenge playing football, even placekicking.

Sure hope she kicks for Vandy. I’d be watching. And be excited for her.

By the way, I thought the Tulane coach was nuts. The punter he chose was terrible. As was the team.

My niece was a kicker for a high school football team. Plays semi pro soccer now. Let he kick

NLR had a very good female kicker a couple of years ago. There was some talk of her kicking at Harding, but I don’t know if that ever happened.

Speaking of futbol, I watched a little of Real Madrid and Inter Milan last night. Just after the start, RM got possession and kept it for 30-40 passes and eventually began to pass it in the box like Inter players were cones. Finally got a foul for a PK. It became clear this was not vintage Inter.

Inter stinks. And they’re about to sell Christian Eriksen who may be their best player. Inter is one of the European teams that has gone downhill after being bought by Americans (the hedge fund Elliott Management). They’re about to get a new stadium, next door to the current 78,000 seat place, which will be 60,000 seats and supposedly based on the design of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The new building will be used for the 2026 Winter Olympics as well as soccer.

Getting back to OP, Vandy will dress out Sarah Fuller as a kicker for the Misery game. If she sees action she will be the first woman to play in a Power 5 game.

I hope she not only plays but gets on scoreboard with a kick.

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Me too Clay. I’ve seen some girls who could really kick a ball when I was watching a lot of college games in person… I’m not in the least surprised. And pretty fired up to see her kick.

I watched her begin warmups on SEC Nation. Her first kick was good, albeit low. Her next kick had much better height. From what they say, she is a real competitor. I hope she gets an opportunity in today’s game.

The Athletic has a nice story on her today, talking to her youth soccer coach in the Dallas area and others. Everybody says how competitive she is, and she’s also 6-3, so not a small woman.