To blitz and bring pressure or not that is the question

BP said it best whoever hits the quarterback the most has a great chance at winning. We were getting pressure early in the year but all of a sudden now we can’t even get close to the quarterback so the question arises should we be bringing pressure with the blitz.

Odom rarely blitzes for the most part,he is from the bend and don’t break philosophy the only problem is we’ve been breaking a whole lot more we’ve been bending and in the process leaving our defense on the field for 5+ minutes at a time and still giving up a touchdown.

Georgia is one of the few teams that probably could get away with just letting their front four rush to passer and get pressure but they blitz probably more than any team out there and basically gives you no chance to let your quarterback get comfortable which leads to a lot of bad passes and interceptions not to mention beating your quarterback up.

I think for us to ever get a great defense we’re going to have to be a pressure type defense where we are constantly making the quarterback get rid of the ball before he wants to and and you may give up a big play every now and then but at least your defense is not out there for a prolonged period of time and you get to get your offense right back on the field and wear out their defense quickly…

We are a beat up football team we will see if we change philosophies some and start trying to be more aggressive with linebackers and cornerback blitzes.

I can tell you my perspective is it is very hard on an offensive line to continually have to block 6-7 guys bc it’s very hard for all 5 guys to have their eyes in the right spot and all it takes is one of them to screw up and your quarterback is hit vs seeing only three or four guys all day where you can always double team the Stud player.


Agree. Watched Purdue/iowa and Purdue does not win with the bend don’t break concept. I believe Ark. depth on defensive is a real issue. We do not have the depth to play the schedule we have played to start the season.

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