To all my old Friends

This is the old BluegrassRazorback

Been off. The net for a while

  1. Been totally disappointed with direction of the Razorback program and I don’t see it getting better soon but long term there is hope with Coach Morris

It is my opion that Razorback fans are long suffering and deserve better than what they have had to endure - if there is a weaknesses in the fan base it’s because of failure to meet expectations that they have been sold and the fans bought

I listen to Bo show - sounds like there is an effort to lower those expectations to be more realistically recognizing Arkansas can win but it will be rare and dependent on a good crop of Arkansas Athletes in the state - so rare

Maybe it’s time to just be grateful being a second teir program - It breaks my heart to say that

But hey I like the idea of being a spoiler and being good enough to knock off the elites and ruining their season -Arkansas being a bunch of mad Pirates swashbuckling across the SEC even if we can’t win it

  1. More importantly - I’ve been off line as I deal with increasing difficulties due to TBI and other issues related to a road side bomb blast in 2003 - we are learning a lot about TBI (Trumatc Brain Injury). One has been my emotional swings

I’m doing much better now and have greater awareness

No pitty please - just an understanding I have a weak spot and working to get stronger

Hope to try and participate in a cogent and productive manor in the future - this fall I hope

Know I’m a Razorback fan but more so an Arkansas fan as a Soldier I proudly made it known I’m an Arkansawer like Army Ranger William Darby, Sniper Carlos “Whitefeather” Hathcock to Sgt Bull Randell of Band if Brothers 82nd Airborne and many more before me and after me. Arkansas punches above its weight with warriors

It’s amazing how many great Soldiers Arkansas produces

I am in your corner cheering Arkansas on from my Arkansawer diaspora in Kentucky
Being an Old Armor Officer - Kentucky was the home of Armor for a couple of generations before Gen Marshall’s school for wayward boys won the battle and moved Armor to Ft Benning - truly sad - but I digress

I just ask if I seem a little off base - or if my spelling gets even worse you be patient with me

Go Hogs Go and May Arkansas get 6 or more wins this year - if not

“Next year with a SEC Championship”

Thank you for your service and personal sacrifice for our country Boar! I will pray for you and look forward to your continued posting.

I too salute you for your service and wish you the best. Keep the faith.

It’ll get better, I got nailed in 03 as well, if you ever need to talk, I’m here for you.

Thanks for your service to this country and the sacrifices made that so few see or understand. My son had similar issues after two tours in Iraq and my heart goes out to anyone that has paid such a high price. God’s speed in the recovery process and we all share your joy in watching the Hogs round the corner in the not too distant future.

Boar, even with half your brain tied behind your back, you are more cogent than most. Thanks for the sacrifices you have made for us. Praying that you will heal, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Boar, remain strong. I always enjoy reading your post.
Thanks for your service and your Razorback spirit.
May our Lord’s grace be a constant in your life.

Glad your back.

Spelling is only important if you are a professional writer. I think that includes me, but not you.

Feel comfortable here. You are among friends. I am glad you shared from your heart in this post.

Always look forward to your offerings here!

And, I am always excited when I read that someone considers me to be a friend. We can’t have enough true friends. I know you are one for all of us.

Yes, there have been a lot of great soldiers from Arkansas. Clearly, you fit in that category. Thank you!

Thank you for your service. I love to see you post, but most of all, I will pray that the more they learn about your situation, the quicker they will be able to take care of you and all of our soldiers who deal with it. Our leaders need to wake up and help our veterans, who have given their all for our freedom. God bless you, Boar.

Thank you! Welcome back!

Thank you for your service to our country!
God bless!

Glad you are back posting. I truly think things have taken a turn for the best. Time will tell. I just feel really optimistic for this coming season.

Welcome back from Hell.

You have always been one of my favorite posters. I always look forward to reading what you have written.

Your love of country, man, and razorbacks always comes through.

Stay strong my friend.

Thanks Boar for your service. 2 of my son’s served in Iraq. 1 multiple times. Praying all goes well for you and family. GHG

When I think of a hero my mind turns to guys and gals like you Boar. It’s kinda personal to me because my dad survived WW II but came home a different man. PFC Woodson and his battalion landed on Omaha beach a couple of weeks after D Day. They march across France fighting and ended up in the heat of things at the Battle of the Bulge. Dad got pinned behind German lines and had to hide in the snow to escape capture. He was around General George Patton some and said he was a great General and that his buddies would follow him anywhere. I have a history of his battalions serve that I treasure.

Dad had (what I later learned was PTSD) issues with stress the remainder of his life. When thunderstorms hit our area he always paced the floor. As a child I could not understand why he was so nervous. I asked mom why dad did this and she said the thunder reminded him of the big guns in WW II. Freedom is not free.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your service Boar. The price you (and so many others) have paid can never be repaid sufficiently. You have always been one of my favorite posters and your insights and opinions add to this fine board. We love our Hogs and we love our country. May God bless you and your family.

What Clay said.

I’m so grateful for your responses

I don’t want to belabor the subject or thread

I’m grateful for all of you

Know if I’m not posting

I’m not mad - not upset

I’m simply refitting, cross leveling ammo , taking accountability and resupplying

Looking forward to a new era that I hope will be a return to great Arkansas Football

This is Grizzly 11 and Cyrus 6 off the net till stand too