TN was the Team I Most Feared

They are very good. I am going to have to start believing in this team. It is just hard with their poor shooting, but we have never had a team that plays in your face defense like this. It is said defense travels. It did to Bama. Now we will see about FL. I am not thinking at all beyond that.

Man has this SEC become a very tough basketball league. It is not yet where it is in football, but it is close. These teams can flat out play.


While the SEC gas changed yesterday the game was called one way on the perimeter and right the opposite under and around the rim! We watched a heavyweight fight in that matchup!
The trip to Knoxville will be a war too!

Army, I think the same and believe we will get our butts handed to us in Knoxville bc the SEC officials will call the game so differently at their place. UT is really good and I worry we won’t be able to score on them in Knoxville but their guards will be able to get downhill without all the charges called for us. Hope I’m wrong but we’ll see.

Also we’ve got to be able to finish around the basket and hit the shots in mid range when open.


The hogs are horrible finishing around the rim!
The whistle will be a lot different in Knoxville. I just hope the hogs can find their shot! Making the easy one will make the 3 ball
A lot more manageable. Confidence is what it takes. I just want the hogs to win the next game in Gainesville over Florida!

There is an article this morning about his beef with the refs, says he’ll most likely talk to SEC associate commissioner or coordinator of officials in the next couple of days about it. So that’s going to get in the refs heads for the next game, which is most likely his strategy. He knows he can’t change yesterday’s results, but he can get in the heads of the refs for the next meeting at their place. So I expect it to be called differently next time with more scrutiny on JWill taking charges in the lane.

The way to counter that is to win out. If the Hogs are 2nd in SEC and a projected high seed for the NCAAs, and Tenn drops one or two more, that can negate that strategy. I strongly believe the SEC refs favor the team with the better post-season prospects as the end of league play nears. Doesn’t mean they cheat, but the 50/50 calls tend to go to the higher projected team. So just win out and Barnes carping may be for naught.

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That beef he has would benefit our hogs in the next game. Our hogs were beaten when they went to the rim without much getting called. Both teams missed a lot of wide open shots and a lot of guarded shots. By no means was it a pretty game to watch but the result was beautiful!

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