Tn prospects

I have been in Franklin TN now for 25 years and have not seen the Hogs go after kids from this area like CCM is doing. UT normally get pretty much what they want from middle TN but to see a Hog presence is refreshing. Prior to CCM, the Hogs have pretty much limited recruiting to Memphis and occasionally to Jackson but not the greater Nashville area. Pretty ballsy and I love it!

Good news…WPS

Yeah, the LB from Centennial (Tyrel Dodson) that went to A&M (and is a stud–has been their leading tackler for 2 years I think) really liked Chavis and I think there is a pretty good chance he might have come to UA if Coach Chavis had been here when he was making his decision.

A lot of good football players in Middle TN now–especially Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. I hope they will try to “cherry pick” some of the better players who want to take a different path than going to other SEC schools to the east and south.

It is a haul to Fayetteville from here–I know the path well as my oldest is a sophomore. You can make it in 7 1/2 hours if you really book and limit bathroom breaks and only stop for gas. :slight_smile: