TN needs to stop

Walking it up and running plays and start trying to score 100, that’s what the Boilerboys are doing. They are are about to get run and gunned out of the gym.

Letting fly!

EOE cut it to 2 at the last TVTO. We’ll see if they can get over the hump.

Vols looking like final 4 team the last 5 minutes

Great game

14 for Purdue is HOT

If Tennessee doesn’t foul with eight seconds left, Rick Barnes should be fired on the spot. No way they should let that Purdue kid shoot another three. He is unconscious.

Foul up 2? Lol.

No, I had score wrong. LOL indeed. My bad.

That was some real basketball right there.

TN just busted my bracket…

They murdered mine

On the TT-Michigan pregame Charles Barkley just now was really praising Ryan Kline of Purdue (kid that hit all the 3s). Drawing a funny contrast, Charles said, “I was on a team with a guy named Joe Kleine, and he couldn’t play dead.“ Really funny. He said he expected his phone to start ringing after he said that. I guess he played with Big Joe from Slater, MO in Phoenix.

Purdue averaged 66 possessions a game this year. That’s just about what they had in regulation, then 12 more in OT. Averaged 1.27 points per possession. That’s some great offensive efficiency, or really bad EOE defense. I didn’t watch it so can’t say, just following online while I watched the WNIT.

Some really bad foul shooting on both sides, though. Purdue was below 50%, Tennessee exactly 50%.

Major weak sauce on that foul call on the 3 at the end of regulation. Knew TN was cooked after that.

Hit the body, clearly a foul

Major weak sauce… :shock:

He didn’t hit the body, he grazed Edwards right leg because Edwards stuck it out. Definitely not a call you make to decide a game.

I wish I could link the tweeter exchange between Joe and Charles following that, but can’t find it now or don’t know how to find it.

On a side note, Joe appears on Justin Acri’s show on 103.7 in Central Arkansas. One morning this year, Charles was a guest with Joe. Pat Bradley was there too. There was a hilarious discussion on their NBA days and their close relationship. They are very close. Joe says Charles is one of the most approachable and friendly guy he has ever met.