TN is about to sweep OM

Leading 4-0 in the 8th. I hate OM, but I sure hate to see TN doing so well. They’ll be 6-0 after this weekend and look really good.

OM scored 3 in B8 and still batting, so it’s not quite over.

Tenn won so they swept OM in oxford,they are going to be tough to beat.

Yes they will! It would be a good game to watch on Birmingham!

They look like the number 1 team to me.

They really have shown no weaknesses so far. When you lead the league in home runs and stolen bases that’s pretty tough offense to stop. What is amaze me though is they’ve got three pictures with eras under 2 and the one on Friday night has an era of under 1, all of them throw 95 plus and do so for strikes,but as we know it’s a long season and it’s hard to keep up that level of play for the entire year. We know that better than anyone

Still, it is sweet to know ola ms went 0-3 at home. Sweet.

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