TN Implosion

I’ve heard some major dissension at Rocky Top since the loss to the Cocks!..RB Jalen Hurd and 4-star DE KONGBO have quit the team… Ole Butchy might start feeling some HEEEEEEAT! :slight_smile:

from his uncle

I picked Florida to win the east at media days because I thought Tennessee was overhyped. The wild thing is that Kentucky still has a shot to win the division, which tells just how bad it is.

Tennessee reminds me of LSU last year. Its entire season revolved around beating Alabama. When that didn’t happen, the season went in the tank.

I am shocked that it has come to this in mid season. It must be a mess in Knoxville that we can take advantage of for recruits?

In today’s Chattanooga Times Free Press one of the sportswriters ripped Jones to no ends. He said a couple of players hinted that their was disharmony on the team.

Like Matt I thought TN was overrated from the get go. Jones has signed a lot of stars but has not coached them up. The natives here in TN are restless…

Rocky should of been toppled by the same type of culture as Baylor had to face

Instead it got buried and now karma hits back doubt Butch survives the internal meltdowns

I still think the only good thing to come out of UT was Pat Summit

Couldn’t happen to a better team

Obscurity is what I wish on the cheaters of orange east.

Tommy Thigpen LB Coach at Tennessee/Auburn hometown El Dorado, Arkansas.

Was named the National Recruiter of the Year by in 2013.