TN collective $25 mil for NIL

competition is tough and TN folks are fretting about long time being no count to the SEC in football.

From my email which has the daily The Athletic Pulse blurb which I cannot find on site or how to link.

" Money Talks

Pulling back the NIL curtain

The Athletic’s David Ubben published a fantastic story Tuesday going behind the scenes at Tennessee, where an in-house “college sports collective” is aiming to raise $25 million a year to fund athlete name, image and likeness deals. Not a typo.

No shade to Tennessee, a proud football program that has seen better days, but this is the middle of the SEC pack. Imagine what Georgia, Alabama and Texas A&M are pumping out money-wise.

Things that have been included in Tennessee’s NIL deals so far:

  • Housing
  • Car rentals
  • Car washes
  • Free meals
  • Car maintenance

Some deals have reached six figures overall for certain athletes. This “new” world isn’t so new anymore, but it’s still jarring — in a good way — to see it all out in the open.

And remember: This is just a starting point for NIL deals across college sports. Imagine what it’ll be like in five years. "

Spyre Sports is the lead fund raiser for the $25 million and that is spread all over the web.

ON3 has the $25 mil and more in their NIL centric writings of late

The competitive number is set and we seem to be sort of obligated to step up and maintain with all our SEC brethern excepting Vandy who has plenty of proud alums who might just get on board with this new development.

I just don’t think bringing this all out in the open is going to be long-term beneficial to fan support. Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s all market oriented, and therefore I support it, but I’m not sure it’s in the best interest of college sports. In the immortal words of Master Yoda, “Conflicted I am.”

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I don’t think you are wrong. Who gives money to a professional football team besides the NFL and the owners?

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Don’t scholarship athletes already get free food and housing?

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