TJ's first great run without a penalty!


Did you see that ball swinging out wide of his body? Lucky he wasn’t stripped.

Awesome run though.

BB was talking to him on the sideline about it too. BB was swinging his arm away from his body like “you can’t keep doing that.”

I hope he and Whaley get most of the carries for the rest of the game. Great for morale.

I agree, but I hope they leave RW in long enough to get 200 yards

Only and I repeat ONLY if he (TJ) starts protecting the ball.

Lots of talent but I cringe seeing that ball swinging wildly from his body. It will get corrected.

I love the athleticism and talent. He is going to be a great one if he can keep his ego in check. The thing that may force the young man to change is a failure in a game. He should play a lot more this week against Mizzery, and that will be a chance for him to fumble…and get a wake up call. I hope it doesn’t impact the game but sometimes that is what it takes to wake a player.

Unless and until he learns to protect the ball–and I imagine it’s a habit he has gotten into over many years and will take awhile to break–he isn’t going to get a ton of carries.

I hope he gets more looks but I’m fine with Rawleigh getting most of the carries. He has been very good-leading the SEC in rushing-and is deserving of everything he has earned.