TJ Smith at 282lbs!!

got to be kidding me! starting DT at 282! never seen that before in this league…Cunningham also 289 is very light for an SEC OL I don’t know why they are coming into camp at that weight!! :shock: :shock:

Philon was listed at 287 as a soph.

I can understand that as a soph but Smith is SR…

I could be wrong but I doubt Philon was any heavier as a junior.

Recent story from Arizona where he is now:

He is one of the smaller defensive tackles in the NFL, being only 6-1 286 pounds

Can you say Aaron Donald, maybe not SEC size, nut NFL Defensive player of the year.
Quickness, speed, agility & power vs pure size.

Donald beats the OL thru the gap & disrupts the play.
New breed of defensive lineman sorta like Cam Newton was on the offensive side of the ball maybe?

time will tell… Donald is by far the exception to the rule…I hope Smith can play at weight,he’s plenty strong but wasn’t expecting 282 before camp and you normally lose during camp.will be curious what the thinking is.

Hey whatever works! they will be quicker no doubt but when they are facing DT and 640 lbs coming at them it going to be tough but maybe they can penetrate and disrupt the play going to be very interesting to see.

I think it’s going to be at least a six man rotation to play the two interior spots, with a lot of young guys in the mix. So you will have three older guys-Agim, Smith and Marshall who all look to be in that group, and then some combination of of Clay, Gregory, T. Carter, Nichols, E. Jackson and Miller. A couple of the younger guys might play some DE too, depending on the packages we have for any given game.

If you play a six man rotation for your DTs, it gives you more flexibility to let guys play at what’s a good weight for them, because you can keep fresher players in, and sometimes sub out for some of our bulkier DTs. Some guys really have problems staying healthy and having enough endurance when they make that last 10-15 pound weight jump, even when most of it is muscle. So if 282 is a better weight to keep Smith healthy and productive for a whole season, it’s a good trade off for the handful of times that extra few pounds would have helped him make a play.

I believe, particularly on defensive line (interior), that quickness trumps size if you have to choose one over the other. Of course, there are limits; no one is going to survive at noseguard in the SEC at 200 lbs, no matter how quick they are.

But at 280 or better? Yes, that can work.

I remember two examples in particular. About 30-35 years ago now, Tony Cherico not only played, but was an impact player at around 220 lbs. in an era where DL typically were 250-260 lbs. In the late 90’s, Melvin Bradley played inside at a listed 270, but he was lighter than that. He, too, was am impact player his last couple of years.

All things being equal, sure - I’d like a little more size in those positions. But if a guy is strong and can play, he’ll be fine at 280-290 lbs.

sorry this info is wrong.Smith is at 304 which makes more sense to me don’t know how the info i read eleswhere was that far off.sorry for the confusion.

Here is the latest roster. TJ Smith is listed at 6-3 and 293 lbs.

Listening to HawgSports. they were touting these guys were under a regimen to lower their body fat down and several of the linemen were down to around 5% body fat. Never heard of that before but this seems to be intentional. Another part of the experiment we will have to see id it works. Couldn’t be any worse than last year.

“Fats” no longer in. That’s good thing.

You’ve never heard of it before because he never said that Coach Tru was trying to get players down to 5%. :wink:

Biddy said (at 5:40) that the goal for body fat for the Offensive Linemen was 18%-22%.

No body fat at 282. He is one of the strongest players on the team at that weight. He had an incredible winter. The players will tell you he is one of those that leads by example and is a hearty soul in the weight room. Also, I do not think you will be asking him to play for long stretches. John Marshall (AKA The Freak) is behind him. Isiaiah Nichols is behind Agim, along with others. This rotation will be fine.

Yea I think the saying “it could always be worse” while often true, doesn’t apply in this case. Last years team may have been the worst I’ve seen in the last 20 years.

I didn’t listen to it. But there is no way this can be true. I haven’t seen one picture of a lineman from the weight in even close to single digit BF. Agim is at least 20%. The oline looks more in shape then years past, but no where near single digits. High teens to low 20s is what the linemen appear to be in. I haven’t seen a current picture of Soli. But I imagine him being low teens with his build and weight.

5% is just not an ideal BF% for an athlete in most cases. That’s competition body building numbers on the day of the contest. Most people will notice a big drop in strength and speed at that low of BF.

The poster did not hear it correctly. 5% was never mentioned, 18%-22% was what Biddy said at 5:20 in his latest video.

Only certain WR’s or RB’s in the NFL at the highest levels sport 5% BF. (Yes, I’m sure there are some in college but that’s the outlier not the norm, not even close).

Hope this clears up the massive miscommunication about BF% and our Players.

PS: Dalton, my post was not aimed at you, I just wanted to reiterate what was actually said.

Wow. I will never post again without triple checking the data. I heard them talking about lineman then something about 5%. I must have gotten them confused. I may just ban myself from posting again. tough crowd

You drop ridiculously false information on a sports forum to fans that are nervous as hell about the upcoming season — especially the O Line and now you complain about it? LMAO!! You don’t think that’s a problem? You know “youdaman” had a stroke on the blatantly false information that you posted. Hahaha…

5% was even remotely mentioned… Get your hearing checked and definitely ban yourself if you’re that thin skinned. SMH.